Monday, January 15, 2018


  I made a trip to my neighborhood Lowe's yesterday.   I bought a magnet for my door so I could hang a wreath,  a new drain cover for the garbage disposal and a new toilet flap and chain.

All three items packaged in paper and plastic.

The magnet had plastic glued onto a cardboard backing.  I peeled the plastic part off and then still had to poke through the paper backing to get the magnet out.

The stopper was the worst!  The plastic was tightly glued between two cardboard pieces.  I couldn't pry the two layers apart and ended up having to use scissors and then pry.
This package was so easy!  See the holes in the cardboard.  The plastic on front and back of this had little male and female nubs.  One pull and the flap and chain came right out.  (I installed it already.)

Why can't all packages be easy open?  Probably to keep theft down?

Speaking of packaging, I bought this yogurt (not at Lowe's though) expressly for the packaging.

French style yogurt that comes in a glass cup.  The label peels off easily and I am going to use the glass cups for tea lights because they are just so darn cute.

So the question is: Does Olga have enough to do or is she just writing boredom blog posts?

Friday, January 12, 2018

VT Winter

The day before I left Vermont I happened to  look out the window of my craft room and saw this little guy shivering under the shrub.  It was very cold that day.  

This next picture was taken January 7.  The sky was so beautiful -- all blue,not a cloud in sight.
There was no warmth from the sun though.  The snow actually squeaks when you walk on it in sub zero temperatures.

I heard it rained there today and the temps were in high fifties.  That is not supposed to last with a cold front sweeping in from the west.  Icy roads will be a real hazard tomorrow.  

Perhaps we can use this Northeast winter to attract some of those Norwegians? What a national embarrassment.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

50 Dollar Reward

I have been getting one or two emails every day lately that inform me I have a $50 thank-you for being a loyal Amazon Prime member.

I am suspicious because I am not an Amazon Prime member, loyal or otherwise. (I report them as spam.)

I am suspicious because the sending email addresses are not from Amazon. (I don't open them, I report them as spam.)

I am suspicious because they come from multiple different addresses.  (I report them as spam.)

I am suspicious because sometimes I get "Thank you &7mU" and that strikes me as odd so I report them as spam.

Today I got two emails warning me that TIME IS RUNNING OUT to collect my $50 reward.

I am suspicious because I really suspect Jeff Bezos has far more important things to be doing than chasing me down to give me $50.

I may be doing myself out of 50 bucks, but I'm reporting these last two as spam.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Here's a Cranky post about Hallmark cards.  If you haven't read it before, you are welcome.

Now, I don't buy Hallmark cards myself.  I make my own cards.  Some people seem to appreciate them but I am sure are those who think something along the lines of "Wow, she's too cheap to buy a card."

Cheapness is not a part of it.  Google card making supplies sometime and you'll see.  And if you are into this crafty activity, you never have enough supplies.  There are always new colors and stamp sets, all kinds of tools to make cards fancier . . . and heavier which adds to the expense of the postage due.

I live in a small condo, but I have a room that is dedicated to my craft supplies:

I figure the average cost of any card I send is around $250.00 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Stray thoughts and actions

Somebody missed the opportunity to get me the perfect gift, a life sized unicorn at Home Goods.

I noticed these snow stalactites under the table on my back deck.  I don't recall seeing anything like this before, but of course I am not always around.

Stalactites cling to the ceiling and stalagmites grow up from the ground, in case you thought everything you learned in school was useless information.

I have been struggling with bifold doors in my condo since moving in. They are on all the clothes closets. the laundry and the water heater nook. One of the closet doors, the water heater door and the laundry door were always sticking, dragging on the carpet, and looking all crooked.  I finally had it when one side of the laundry doors fell off completely.

I decided today was the day to fix them.  I didn't even look this up on google.  I actually studied them and figured out how they worked and where they were failing.  I needed one small part from Lowes to fix the clothes closet and it took me a couple of tries to adjust that one properly, but by golly, I did it!

I wasn't sure about the parts so I kind of over did it.  Lowes is not far away so I can return two of these packages.

I wasn't too sure at about the tools I needed either.  It turned out I didn't need any tools for the bifold doors beyond a bit of brute strength.  The tools were not wasted though because I decided to hang a shelf on the kitchen wall.  This shelf used to be in the bathroom but it was kind of in the way of the door so I moved it.

I put up pegs in the bathroom.  These don't interfere with the door opening.

I am giving serious thought to why I need a man in my life at the moment.  I'm thinking a self-proclaimed handyman better start stepping up a bit more, try to make himself a little more indispensable. Maybe I will start thinking I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle!