Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Break Through

I took a step toward conquering my dread fear of all things electrical.  A small step.

I have been helping my friend Ginnie move/downsize.  She was getting rid of this lamp.  It didn't work, but it could be fixed.  She thought my son might like it for his new place.

It's a Scatchard Pottery lamp.  I thought maybe I wanted it for the spare room once Kevin moves out!

I made a trip to the Home Depot nearby and purchased a new bulb socket.  I found a number of how-to videos on You Tube.  I picked one that seemed very
clear and worked as I watched, pausing where needed.

Success!  I plugged the lamp in and gingerly turned it on.  I saw light!  No crackling, no sparks, no massive shock setting me on my bum!  Damn, I was proud of myself.

For $4 and an investment of less than an hour (including watching videos, but not running to the store) I have a really nice Vermont lamp.