Sunday, March 9, 2014

Annual Quilt Show in Venice

This was the weekend for the annual quilt show sponsored by the Quilters Guild of Venice.   I went on Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits and browsing the vendors.

This was the over all winning quilt, "Florida Wedding", best of show:

Imagine getting--or giving--this as a wedding present.

 Other prize winners:

It's Not Over
(recognize grumpy cat?)

Here Comes the Sun

Neil's Garden

(very abstract)

Synchronized Turtles

This was my favorite:
Hand Applique

It looks busy in the photograph, but it was stunning in person.  It was marked as in the beginners category, but the quilter started it in 2001.  We figured she was an expert by the time she finished.


  1. I can easily see why the Florida Wedding won. It's gorgeous! However, I really love the one you selected too.

  2. As someone who appreciates Roseville pottery, I am with you in loving that Roseville quilt full of pottery and flowers, and wonderful color! Wow!

  3. I like Neil's Garden the most, but all are admirable.

  4. Put my money on the Synchronized Turtles. How wonderfully clever.

  5. Synchronized Turtles has an M.C. Escher thing going for it. I like them all but must confess that Neil's Garden is my favorite.

  6. Neil's Garden is my favorite, although all are beautiful works of art.

  7. Dallas had it's quilt show this weekend also. We usually go, but things kept us from it this year. The quilts are beautiful. I remember my very first quilt show... how amazed I was at the artistry and originality. I (personally) like the simple ones and the log cabin pattern is still my favorite.

  8. My favorite is the turtles!! They're all gorgeous, though.

  9. Neil's Garden caught my eye but Grumpy Cat gave me a smile. The turtles was really clever. A lot of work in all of those.

  10. Great report from the show Jenni, and thanks for the link. Wish I could have enjoyed your company...ultimate woman's weekend

  11. Those quilts are amazing! Thank you for sharing them. I love quilts but quilting is just not my thing. Kind of wish it was but not sure when I would find time. I do love the turtle quilt!

  12. I love the Florida wedding quilt especially the additional vines and flowers. My mom was a quilter, and she made a wedding quilt for each of my siblings (I didn't marry so didn't get one). But I'd still love a quil like that.


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