Friday, September 4, 2009

Diet Time

I went for my annual physical this past Tuesday morning. I'm generally healthy, but my doctor was quite adamant about my need to lose ten pounds. This, on the day we leave for the beach in Jerusalem, Rhode Island--looking forward to time spent eating and drinking with family, lolling in the sun, a lobster dipped in butter with my name on it. So dieting had to wait a day or two, but now we are home again and it is time to get serious...yeah, serious...

So I read the morning paper and there's a whole section about food--"Tour de Taste," "Latino cuisine," "VT cheese at event in Italy, " "maple Manhattans," "wine of the week," "food and drink calendar," "Magic Hat brewery." This doesn't even include the ads! Worst of all--Fair Food--which you can see here. Not an auspicious way to start a diet. Blooming onions, fried dough, corn dogs, French fries, fried Oreos, maple soft serve, sausages, and on and on. Seriously, this made me want to go on a diet.

Well, I didn't go to the Fair and I had a small salad of lettuce, cucumbers and peppers for lunch, but I still feel like my cholesterol count went up alarmingly. They say the written word is powerful. What I did do was to go out and buy a scale and pull out my exercise log. Wish me luck!

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