Thursday, January 14, 2021

As Trump is Fond of Comparing Himself Favorably to Lincoln

 I have two points of agreement with our soon to be former president:

  1.  Low flush toilets are not all they are cracked up to be.
  2.  As he predicted, I am so very tired of his winning.
Yesterday, he won the dubious distinction of winning the only president to be twice impeached prize. No, Susan Collins, he definitely did NOT learn a lesson the first time.

Did he incite an insurrection? It really isn't up to me to make that call, BUT if it were up to me he and several others at their rally on January 6, 2021, would have been escorted off in handcuffs before the speeches were even over.

Fight. Fight like this is war. Be strong. Strength. Show strength. March. Now.

 AND I will be marching with you. By which is meant gleefully watching you on television from the comfort and safety of the White House.

Let me tell you, I have encountered many a bully in my teaching career and have seen over and over that they are masters at manipulating others to do their dirty work while they step back and enjoy the show. That is a perverse kind of power but it is not strength. It is aggression. I have never met a bully who wasn't lashing out in order to cover deep wounds and intense fear.

Strength is not the same as brute force or aggression. It does not come from hatred.

True strength comes from character. Strength of character admits failure and defeat and then learns from that. Strength of character is saying yes to life and no to that which is harmful to life. Strength of character does not destroy. It is seen in the ability to encourage the better nature of others. 

Strength of character calls on the "better angels of our nature" rather than appeals to the basest fears among us.

Int the eyes of the world, the "United" States has been systematically and sadly weakened over the past few years.  Those better angels of our nature have their work cut out for all of us moving forward.


  1. So true, Donald has NO strength, especially of character. He may be the weakest man I have ever observed. Please be gone and soon and may all us us work on our strength.

  2. Overall, Trump has been a huge disappointment.

  3. Olga, I am so 'angry' at what he has done to our country... and to families... set people against each other, torn families apart. I do believe in united we stand... and IMO, he has worked so hard to divide us.

  4. I wasn't aware that if impeached for real this time he would not be able to ever run for office again. I knew he wouldn't get paid or any of the after you leave perks but I liked that one the best!

  5. Well, said, Olga. I so want him to be gone, but then I am left with all of those who enabled him and still fight for him.There are bumpy times ahead.

  6. There’s been reports that while the riots were occurring, Trump was unable to understand why everybody else at the White House wasn’t as happy as he was. He needs to be prevented from EVER holding office again.


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