Sunday, March 29, 2020


I noticed a while ago an explosion of DIY face masks on Pinterest.

Then I also started seeing warnings about masks maybe doing more harm than good. Frankly, much of that did not make all that much sense to me. I really don't see how they could do harm unless you didn't wash them conscientiously just like your hands and any other household surface.

This article kind of sums of my thinking and answers some of my questions:

It is an individual decision. We each need to take responsibility for our own health and safety.

If you don't respect another's decision, no need to shame or harrass -- stay away from them. Be kind, we are all under stress.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Ways to Cope

Here are some ways that I am coping with social distancing that sometimes really can feel like isolation:

1. While washing my hands I pretend I am playing a character on Grey's Anatomy so that I am doing a lengthy and thorough scrub right up to my elbows.

2. Lots of patterns and how-tos on making face masks. I am not thinking these are terribly safeof effective, but it will help with my hand washing technique (see #1).

3. Cleaning out refrigerator and pantry shelves. Mostly transferring contents therein to my belly and hips.

4. Reading and Kindling (a word made up by Sextant). I am rereading some favorites but I am also making friends, finally, with Kindle as I stopped using the public library even before it was shut down.

5. Cleaning. I really do not like to use chemicals. I bought this product and have been using it for six weeks now. I am very satisfied with it. and I even use it on my tooth brush and nighttime dental appliance. No skin is peeling off my hands.

Yesterday I was wiping down all the spice and condiment jars. Today -- pens and pencils.

6. Texting and zooming and waving or calling out from a distance. Finally finding that there is an advantage to being an introvert sometimes!

7. Completely failing in me New Year's resolution to cut back on computer time.
BUT I forgive myself because I really am using it more intentionally -- for staying connected and for learning new things.

8. Turning on some music and dancing as if no one is watching -- because nobody is. When I start belting out the songs my neighbors have total permission to call in the authorities, but I keep the windows closed because the AC is on.

9. Experimenting with creative ways to cook lentils.

!0. Setting alarms to add structure to my days. Ooo . . . time for yoga now.

Any other tips out there? How are you taking care of yourselves?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Sign?

I was out for a quiet stroll around my neighborhood last night, maintaining a good social distance.

The times are trying but I looked up and saw this:

Now, I clearly see an angel watching over us. And so let it be.

Always Be Kind

This winter I started going to the Blue Lotus Buddhist Meditation Center where a small group of Sri Lankan monks lead a number of group meditation sessions. I also attended yoga classes there and several different classes and presentations.

Now, of course, the center is closed. However, some programs continue using the Zoom app. It's a way to stay connected.

And we get encouraging messages through the email list. Communication always ends with: Always be kind.

Words to live by, but especially needed in these times.

My kind neighbors left these on my doorstep:
Individually washed by gloved hands in vinegar no less!

Always be kind.

Thursday, March 19, 2020


I am sitting on my lanai. The temperature is pleasant, the humidity is pleasant, the breeze is pleasant. It's a bit hard to keep the chaos in the world in mind even though I watched the news just 30 minutes ago and it was not at all pleasant.

My son was here for a visit. Now things are kind of lonely. All my usual FL group activities have been cancelled. Don was going to come down to stay with me for the month of April and then we were going to drive back to VT together. He decided he would not be flying. I don't know about flying home either. Driving would involve stopping at a hotel or two unless I were to sleep in my car (not very likely). And who knows if gas will go the way of toilet paper or not.

But I have plenty of food and supplies for the time being. I am in the older group, but I am healthy. I am comfortable in my home and I have things to keep me busy.

A red shouldered hawk landed on the lawn. Now that was interesting. It's a real Florida bird.

Image result for red shouldered hawk juvenile

Nice to have a visitor and we kept a ten feet distance.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Elbow Bumps

There are many ways in which we are asked to change behavior in response to the terrible new coronavirus.

I wonder about this idea of greeting others with an elbow bump though.

Last time around weren't we all urged to cough and/or sneeze into out elbows so as to contain the spray of germs? I also tend to push unlatched doors open with my elbow.

Keep your soggy elbows away from me is what I say!

Widen your personal space bubble and nod in greeting.

May we all be well.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Super Moon

Did you get to see the super moon?

It was a bit cloudy here tonight but glimpses were abundant enough. Such a beautiful sight, it kind of takes my breath -- somehow way more magical than a large ball of rock in the sky.

They say it is the worm moon, apparently because the ground is starting to thaw so the worms are starting to wiggle through it and robins are returning and looking for a fat, tasty worm for breakfast. Something like that, totally irrelevant story here in Florida.

I had always heard the March full moon referred to as the sap moon because that is when sap starts running and farmers in Vermont collect the sap to boil down to sweet maple syrup. A Vermont story of practicality, but again totally irrelevant to anything happening here in Florida.

Some moon inspired music:

Perry Como  (my parents wouldn't miss his show)

Frank Ocean (I personally like this version better but it would break my parents' hearts to hear it)

Cat Stevens (college days)

Van Morrison (also my college days era although I like his music better now       than I did then)   

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (classic)           

What's your favorite moon music?

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Dinner and a Play

I went to see the Venice Theater production of Guys and Dolls this Sunday afternoon. It was an enjoyable outing. It always amazes me how elaborate the sets are for this relatively small community theater. It really is very well supported by area businesses and civic minded individuals. There also seems to be no shortage of musical ability in the area and opportunities to attend theater and concerts. And there is no apparent shortage of those willing to volunteer behind the scenes.

The show ran for three hours, including a fifteen minute intermission. Not all of the actors were young, but they all had enormous energy. It struck me that it must be a labor of love because it has to be an exhausting endeavor and the show runs for a month.

Some people were heading out for dinner after the play but I had planned to go home and relax. I had gone out to dinner on Saturday night. It was called "A Taste of Sri Lanka," a fundraiser for the Buddhist Meditation Center where I go for both meditation and yoga. Monks from Sri Lanka and their friends and family members prepared the food which was very good although I avoided the spicier dishes. Wambatu moju was my favorite -- a pickled dish of eggplant and onions.

Meals in Sri Lanka are typically eaten with fingers -- no utensils. I didn't see anyone giving that a try, not even the monks. There was music and a silent auction to round out the evening. I didn't win anything in the auction -- I was too caught up in conversation at our table to go and check my bid status. 

I did make a donation for the auction though:

Two little gift bags filled with goodies.

Now the weekend is pretty well over and it will be back to my regular routine tomorrow. Yeah, retirement is a rough way to live if you can do it right. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Winter Day

It was Florida cold last Friday when I had a trip planned to Clearwater Beach.
Fortunately, I was meeting a friend for lunch, not planning to sit on the beach in my bathing suit soaking up some sun.

The Gulf was a gloomy grey and clouds covered the sky while the wind howled.

There was a lifeguard patrolling the empty beach --  dressed in what I would consider appropriate wear for Alaska, not an inch of exposed skin.

The sand is so fluffy and white it did remind me of a freshly fallen snow.

I took some pictures and scurried inside. I can't say I wasn't disappointed to drive that distance and not be able to enjoy a long walk on this gorgeous beach, but the company was good and the lunch was delicious. 

No day is wasted.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ranting TIme

Allow me a moment to rant. Not too many people read my blog anyway but i can't keep this inside.

Florida Senators introduced a resolution honoring the 17 victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School two years ago. In his statement Sen. Scott said, "we must do everything in our power to honor the memory of the victims and ensure no family has to go through this pain again.”

The resolution passed unanimously but I have to point out "everything in our power" does not seem to include working on any kind of meaningful gun control.
I wonder how much comfort the families take from this gesture. It's not worth nothing, but it sure falls short of the mark of what could be done.

In his same newsletter, Scott also did not miss the opportunity to kiss Trump's behind:
“I applaud President Trump for working with the Florida delegation to commit to fight for $250 million in federal funding for Everglades restoration projects this year. This funding builds on the $200 million in construction funding for the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration we fought for and secured last year, as well as the $2 billion in state funding invested in restoring the Everglades throughout my time as Governor. Everglades restoration is critically important to the State of Florida and enjoys broad bipartisan support in Congress. I applaud the Administration’s commitment to protecting Florida’s natural treasures for generations to come.” 
I think this is a needed project (although I would want to investigate further what this project really intends). I love the Everglades. I love California and New York as well. And I respect Feinstein, Harris, Gillibrand and Schumer. But let's face it, they are not favored by the current administration so their states are treated like dirt.

His revenge fest is making out country look like the stereotype of a banana republic, or more  au courant,  a shithole country.

You can disagree:

But also:
He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak.

He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak.

 but also:

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Nineteen, a script reading

Image result for theater clipart

I attended a two woman reading of the play Nineteen by a local (Sarasota) actress, Katherine Tanner, who wrote the script, music and lyrics for the show  and then acted in it (some people have all kinds of talent). It traces the history of the suffragist movement from Abigail Adams' letter urging her husband to include "the ladies" in the writing of a new Constitution through passage of the 19th Amendment which finally gave women the right to vote in 1920.

It was very well done -- entertaining and informative. This play was selected for the the empowHER reading series that was held in New York last December, presented with three other one-act plays and short screenplays by Clutch Productions, which has a focus on nurturing emerging female writers.

 The program was presented by the Venice Area Historical Society. I never imagined myself involved with an historical society. Actually, I am not a member, but they do put on some very interesting programs that are always well attended -- at night, in Venice -- and the public is invited.

Friday, February 14, 2020

My Night Out

I went to a poetry reading at the gorgeous Selby Library in Sarasota. The tickets were free online but I would have happily paid.  Poetry readings are to me what musical concerts are to some.

The poet for this event was Richard Blanco who was the inaugural poet at Obama's second, well attended inauguration. He immigrated from Cuba with his family at the age of 45 days. Fortunately, children were not locked in cages in those days.

His poetry came after a first career as a civil engineer -- not a combination I would have ever imagined but he made it work.

And he is not hard to look at/listen to.

Monday, February 10, 2020

A Visit to the Eye Doctor

I saw an ophthalmologist. I was very pleased with the quality of care he provided. He was personable and friendly. I felt he took the time to get to know a bit as a human being. He was also professional with the examination. He took his time and explained everything he was doing, why he was doing it, what his assessments were, and what each meant.

It's not unusual for an allergy to the Alphagan drops to develop over time, but he was excited to hear that I had stopped using them for a period to allow my eyes to clear up and then used them again to see if that was really the cause of the reaction -- said I was a scientist to have done that. (I am thinking not such a smart scientist since it definitely did trigger more pain and redness. But how else would one know?)

Now I have a protocol for clearing up the redness and painful itch and will see him again in a couple of weeks when he will probably prescribe a new medication for glaucoma. In the meantime, I feel encouraged and am no longer spinning an irrational story about going blind.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Winter Contrast

As I write this, it is 7 degrees at my condo in Vermont (outside temperature) and this was the view of my deck yesterday:
Note the brilliant color of the sunset in upper right.
(Enjoy, Patti)

It is a wintery morning here in Florida with a morning temperature of 54 F. I am not complaining although I will be bundled when I head out for my walk.

There was a gorgeous sunset here last night. The entire sky turned pink.

to the west

 the south

 the east

 and the north.

Location, location, location!

I know that every place has pluses and minuses, but I am grateful for that FL sunset.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Wellness Visit Time

Image result for doctor clipart"

My Vermont doctor retired last June. Now my primary care physician is a new doctor at the same practice so I did not have to go through a search for a new PCP and transferring records. I do see a nurse practitioner in Florida so she gets to do my annual wellness visit.

By the way:
It took two weeks for my eyes to clear up. Then I thought the real test would have to be trying the Alphagan® drops again. Red eyes again this morning so I am going with a need for a new prescription rather then environmental allergy. I will see the ophthalmologist on Friday.
I got some recommendations from friends here and did research on line. I noticed that all the websites are using the pronouns they, their. I would never have such a change to be embraced in Florida. I guess I need to work on my own prejudices.

Anyway, this was my annual wellness visit day. I got an all thumbs up on blood work, screening for memory, wellness habits, etc. and the usual visual inspections. She did make comments about laying off the pot smoking to clear up the red eyes. On a more serious note, though, she was very positive about the eye doctor I will be seeing.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sad Comment

I totally stole this from Margaret's blog.

Lady Justice: #metoo

But remember, Karma can be a bitch.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Eye Trouble

My eyes have been bothering me for a couple of weeks. They itch like crazy, They feel gritty and puffy. They are red. People are wondering if I am depressed because I look like I have been crying all the time.

Since I am in Florida for five month I can't just pop in to see my eye doctor but I did call. I was advised to stop the Alphagan® drops for a week as it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to them over time. If that solves the problem my doctor will perhaps prescribe something else to ease intraocular pressure. If the irritation continues I will have to see an ophthalmologist down here.

And then it is becoming more and more obvious that I am ready for cataract surgery. I put it off until summer because I didn't want to stay in VT through January.

What a bother!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Oh, Baby

My nephew and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.

I am always happy for the occasion to make a quilt!

I am happy for my nephew too. He will make a wonderful father.

The top 

Cute critters blowing bubbles

The easy part is done, now on to the actual quilting.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Craft Show

The activity committee of our homeowners association held a craft fair at the community center recently. It was surprising to see the crafts and some excellent oil paint artists. I set up a display of my craft accumulations. I may not have been the most talented, but I certainly did have the prize for variety.

Knitting, sewing, multi-media collage, watercolor painting, origami, cards and other paper crafts.

I had such a collection of greeting cards that I offered them to people for free. I gave away quite a lot of them. The rest will go to the little shop that the Friends of the Library run at my local library. Some people were selling their wares but I didn't want to. I don't want to make my hobbies into a job at this stage of my life.  And, frankly, if I accounted for the amount of money I spend in craft stores and party sales, no one would be able to afford a simple card made by me. (Slight exaggeration.) One woman really wanted the parrot collage but I like it hanging on my lanai and that is where it will stay for now. My collages are actually paintings that I didn't like so I tear them up and piece pictures out of the confetti  -- one of the most satisfying things I do.

It was fun to see what people are inclined to make and fun to talk to those who came to admire.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I was thinking about "the major trauma" of my childhood -- a distinct memory of sitting on the sand between my mother and my aunt in their folding beach chairs and being horrified by their feet, two on either side of me.

Okay . . . how charmed a life must one have had to consider feet a major trauma?Yes, I exaggerate. Perhaps I shouldn't, but then how boring would a blog post about feet be? I need some drama!

My attention was drawn by their own complaints: the bunions, the corns, the hammer toes. It really was a horrible sight. I wanted to reach out and touch but pure revulsion stopped me. My mother used to occasion to warn me about always following her advice to wear sensible shoes. I decided I would do whatever it took to avoid getting deformed feet.

  I wonder if black toenails would be permitted for such a special day? *praying* Feet that were not so different from these.
(Google image)

Even though I did inherit my mother's feet in that they are wide and long with long toes, I think I have perfectly lovely tootsies. So far the toes are straight, no corns or calluses, slightest tendency of a bunion.

And by the way, this stuff:

is THE BEST for keeping feet soft and callus free, pure shea butter. (It'll take care of rough skin like a magic sponge on the surface of fiberglass.)

But foot trauma is apparently a tendency that gets passed down through the generations.

My lovely daughter in her oh, so lovely teenage years: "Mom, put some socks on! Right now!"

Me: "Why? My feet aren't cold."

Daughter: "Because your feet are really ugly. They have way too many bones. It's so embarrassing. I don't want my friends to see your feet."

Maybe we spent past lives in China during the era of foot binding? Now that would be trauma!

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Bit of Drudgery

One of the nicest things about being retired for me is that this is no longer a fact of life:

Image result for housework meme

I like to spread out the weekly cleaning tasks over the days. I kind of have a schedule in my head but it's more habit than a strict must-do. On Fridays I try to give a quick brush up through the whole place. It doesn't take long, especially in Florida where everything is blissfully on a single floor. Then I fire up my essential oil diffuser and enjoy the tranquil neatness.

I love my essential oil diffuser but I do not enjoy scents from cleaning products. I also don't enjoy the idea of chemicals on surfaces (including my skin) and in the air.

Does anyone have experience with this product:

I find the concept quite intriguing. Someday I will give it a try no doubt.

When I want my tubs and showers to really shine I find I really cannot beat these magic eraser sponges.

Mr. Clean or ones from the dollar store.      Magic Sponge Eraser (300 Pack)

They really do take care of soap scum in very short order. I keep one in my shower at all times.

My tub all shiny.
I hardly ever use it.

Thursday, January 16, 2020


I really do try to eat a healthy diet and get exercise. There are times I have been exemplary in that regard and times when one or the other gets put aside. Over the past six months or so, both efforts have kind of fallen by the wayside. Not totally forgotten really, just sliding down on the list of life's priorities. I was beginning to feel it.

In December I dedicated myself to yoga and upped the number of classes. But, hey, it was the holiday month and there were too many opportunities to indulge. It's  the perfect time for comfort food and hearty winter meals after all. And then there are the get togethers and Christmas treats. I was buying my vegetables and finding that I had to throw them out because they were not getting eaten before they spoiled. It was dark early. I was hungry. I wanted to get into my pajamas, not chop vegetables. I just wanted to make sandwiches rather than cook. Easier to have a fat old muffin over making a bowl of oatmeal. I was feeling the lack of smart nutrition and looking it too.

When i got to my Florida happy place for the beginning of a new year, I decided to do better. In addition to yoga, I can get in good walks and long bike rides. I decided to make a fresh start with the whole eating thing. I signed up with a friend to do the Shaklee Prove It challenge. It starts with a cleanse -- loads of fresh vegetables, raw or lightly sauteed, and seven days of green supplements, an herbal laxative, and a probiotic. No coffee, alcohol, grains, nuts, dairy or meat. Lots of water. Fresh fruit allowed but I tend to go more for the veg.

I was flat out exhausted the first two days but I had made the commitment. The third day I woke up full of energy. I won't say I will never have coffee or wine again and I missed nuts big time. However, I really felt much better, more energetic and alert by the end of the cleanse.

LUXEAR Fresh Produce Vegetable Fruit Storage Containers 3Piece Set, BPA-free Fridge Storage Container, Partitioned Salad Container, Fridge Organizers, Used in storing Fruits Vegetables Meat Fresh FishI have produce keepers for the fridge similar to these and I think they are great. It really helps me to have fruits and vegetables prepped and ready to go at meal time. It adds a bit of time to the whole shop and put away routine but it is worth it to me. These type of containers so keep things fresh longer and they cut done on the use of disposable plastic bags.

Dinner of my pre-prepped cauliflower, green beans, green peppers, carrots and onions with a smidge of basil pesto and feta.

I bought those carrot chips already cut like that and they could be my new favorite food.

I know, nothing worse than a born again health nut.

Sunday, January 12, 2020


I went out to a Farmers' Market this morning. When I got back to my development, there was a big bloodmobile parked in front of the community house. There was a big sign urging all the residents to donate blood. A free tee shirt was involved.

Did I feel a little guilty about driving right on by? Maybe just a teeny, tiny bit. But do i really need another tee shirts? Not at all.

I wrote here almost ten years ago about my feelings regarding donating blood. I haven't really changed my mind.

Image result for bloodmobile insidegoogle image

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Failing to Remember

Why do we forget? From forgetting where you left your keys to forgetting to return a phone call, memory failures are an almost daily occurrence. Forgetting is so common that you probably rely on numerous methods to help you remember important information such as jotting down notes in a daily planner or scheduling important events on your phone's calendar.
                                               -The Psychology of Forgetting and Why Memory Fails

I had three major brain farts of forgetting recently. It's very distressing.

First I lost my checkbook just before Christmas. Panic. I was sure I must have dropped it at some store and I had been to many since I was taking my friend who had broken her hip out to do her Christmas shopping. I knew there were only a few checks left in that batch so I put a stop payment on the numbers.

Then, of course, I found the check book. It's not my religion, but I am not above praying to St. Anthony when convenient. Good St. Anthony, please come round. Something's lost that must be found. But then I used one of those checks to pay my neighbors for half of the drain rooting. Haha! Serves them right but I called them the next morning to tell them to rip up that check and I would write another from the new check pack -- but they had already deposited the check at their bank. ("Don't you have overdraft protection? " they ask. Yes, but that is not the issue here.) Anyway my bank understood and lifted the stop payment so I wasn't charged 30 bucks.

Do you get the impression I am not overly fond of my condo neighbors?

Then, in spite of a number of flashing lights related to keys going off in my brain, I left my Florida house keys and car key in Vermont. The realization hit me as I was eating my sandwich in the Chicago airport. I never think to pack a lunch, but for some reason I did that day. Apparently the sandwich thought ran major interference with the keys thought. Fortunately, the neighbor who watches the house in my absence was home and she went to unlock before my arrival. I have a spare set of keys.

I thought I had fully recovered from the trip and the plumbing trauma by resting all new Year's Day. I went shopping on  2nd. When I went to unload my cart, I could not find my car key. I took everything out of my purse -- twice. My mind went to disaster mode for a while, but I started praying again -- St Anthony, all the gods, all the saints, all the angels, the universe in general. I took a deep cleansing breath and went back to the checkout counter. The clerk was just closing down his register. He hadn't seen my keys but he did look around and found the key under the counter. I think I asked him to marry me.

So that's three things. There's a law about threes, right?

Image result for Cant remember memes

I would be more worried about all this what with being old and all except I have always been this forgetful and somewhat lacking in focus.

My lovely daughter once said to me (as a teenager of course), "Mom, you are a real key slut."

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Another Flood

Last year there was a leak in my dining room ceiling that came right out of the ceiling light fixture.  It was December 12th and I had just returned from Florida because I was schedule for a deviated septum correction procedure in Boston.
Don had picked me up and was taking a quick shower the next morning when it happened so we thought that the bathtub drain was the culprit.

However, when Don cut a hole in the ceiling the pipes were dry. I filled the tub and let it drain and there was no leak. I concluded that my condo was haunted by an evil spirit. Don concluded that the leak must be coming from the condo next door. Six months went by and no more leak so he patched the ceiling and another six months went by with no leak.

All that saging drove away the evil spirit? No . . . because on December 26th the neighbors had a clogged toilet. I was at my daughter's but cut that short worried about what I was going to go home to.  Fortunately, Don was able to get there to stop the neighbors' son from continuing to plunge since he was just pumping sewage into their tub as well as along the floor joists so that it was coming out my ceiling. And then he started cleaning.


The man gets major points for this.

The neighbors had a company come to vacuum up the water and remove their toilet to do an industrial strength snaking out of the drain pipes. Then they came over to demand that I pay half of that bill. They did not make any points. My insurance company said the neighbors should be paying me. 

I left for Florida on December 31st, leaving Don in charge of getting the ceiling situated. Like I said, the man is racking up the points with me.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy Place

I took a picture of the Burlington (VT) airport while waiting for boarding. I'd upload it here except I deleted it since it just looked like a mistake (is there such a thing as a butt click?) because it was all shades of gray -- not even fifty to make it interesting, just maybe six or seven shades of gray.

It was a drizzly, icy start to the morning. My friend had already called me like three times to let me know there was no way I was getting out of Vermont because of the weather. She hates when I go to Florida.

The plane was 20 minutes late with take-off (scheduled for 7:30 a.m.) but then the pilot made that up on the way to Chicago (I was on the zigzag route). The plane was pretty filled with  young children and babies. Visits to grandparents were over and families were headed home.

I had what I was thinking would be a two hour layover in O'Hare, but of course it was really three hours because I had forgotten about the time zone change. I would rather have time to get to my gate then sit and read as opposed to a mad dash to make a connection.

It gave me time to realize that I had forgotten my keys to the Florida place. I called the woman who checks the house in my absence and she went to unlock for me. I do have a set of keys here. Now I have a third set in a little magnetic box hidden outside. A momentary panic followed by sincere prayer (answered) that I would reach Anne.

There were no children or even that many young people of the flight from Chicago to Sarasota. In fact, boarding took a very long time because of all the wheelchair passengers. Okay, I had the right plane for sure, headed for the land of the retired.

Other than the key glitch, it was an uneventful trip and I was home by five. It was still light outside! Sun! It was warm!

I am in my happy place.

It was a little jarring to see all the Christmas decorations. I had taken mine down of course so naturally I thought of Christmas as OVER.