Thursday, September 27, 2018

Random Bits

I got my flu shot today at a local pharmacy.  My new medicare card gave them fits, but after three people worked at it, it finally went through so I didn't have to pay out of pocket.

Did I already say I was rear ended in traffic? I was not hurt, but my new car!!! It will be fixed and the kid's insurance has accepted liability.  I strongly suspect texting and driving was a factor.  The problem now is that I spend so much time worrying about the car behind me that I am afraid I will end up rear ending someone.  Life is hard.

Some have accused me of having way too much time on my hands:

Purple page in my art journal

Knitting a blue bird.  I don't know why.

And also an owl. Because I like owls.

It stopped being hot very quickly.  The leaves are starting to turn and day time temperatures have been in the 60's.  It's as though a switch was thrown on the autumnal equinox. I  put away the AC unit and dragged out a blanket.  And I got to use my bright yellow rain jacket for the past two days, but I didn't bother with my bright yellow boots because it was a steady but not too hard rain.  It's dark earlier and earlier now. Fall is definitely in the air.

Kavanaugh is proclaiming his absolute right to his choir boy status because he was a virgin through high school and college?  He doesn't realize that may not be an adequate defense against a charge of attempted rape, or for that matter, a charge of exposing himself.  Is it any different than Bill Clinton saying, "I did not have sex with that woman."

And of course there is his stack of calendars and no where does it say "got blotto shit faced and attempted to rape a girl. passed out before I could complete the deed. better luck next time." Wow, convincing evidence! This is someone who could end up on the Supreme Court? And I, a mere woman, am too stupid to make choices about my own body? Good grief.  

(Really, some people make it so hard to practice loving kindness.  So very hard.)

I was not popular or a big party girl in high school or in college, but I did manage to get to a couple of fraternity parties. He might have said, I don't remember that incident, but I can look back at my school days and childish ways and say I hope I have done differently since and I will dedicate my self from this point on to changing a culture that disrespects women. It was not a great time in our history and we need to not go back there.  But he didn't.  So I assume he is not that smart.

I think I might have some knitting to do.  I have to make a beak and some wings for my owl.


  1. Your birds are cute. Cute is good. The news is not so cute.
    Your comment about Bill Clinton is exactly one of the things I have been spouting off about. That and a whole bunch of other stuff you mentioned.
    Look, I don't know what the truth is. I just know that only one side in this debate really wants to find out what the truth is.

  2. I like your fluffy white owl, and disagree with you about Kavanaugh. Presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

  3. I love owls too. Yes fall is here and can be felt and even smelled. Lying is now a way of life and those lawyers etc seem to not really uphold law against it since Trump can lie daily. Really sad times. How great is he making the US? Trade deals are a mess.

  4. Just the fact Olga that this nutjob Kavannaugh is so combative, out of control and angry makes me think that alone should show he does not have the right temperment. Geez.
    It's rained so much here that I now have webbed feet.
    2 more weeks and I'll be in VT freezing with you - or will you be in Florida by then?

  5. Hi Olga - just stopping by to get some creative inspiration.Thanks for your reading list which I am dipping into....

  6. I see a lot of your favourites (and mine) have all but stopped blogging some years ago. (LOL)

  7. I really believe he just can't remember after he went on and on about his love for beer. He probably really believes he didn't do anything.

  8. We were just wondering if those new medicare cards would cause some hiccups. And yes, we do need to schedule those flu shots soon. As for the Kavanaugh thing - I can't watch or listen to any more. It's a no win situation no matter the outcome in my mind.

  9. The SCOTUS appointment has filled all news feeds and I wish it never happened. There are so many questions. I went to college and had two roommates who were in sororities and the c##p they went through with fraternities was common.

  10. Fall is definitely upon us here in Canada. We've had frost the last few mornings, so all my containers need to be cleaned out.

    It's been quite the week. I concur with your position, had Kavanaugh acknowledged that he may have done something stupid as a teenager that he no longer recalls, and would work to change the future for others, I could have believed him. But the spitting, angry man makes me fear what will happen when/if he becomes a Supreme Court Justice. Sometimes I watch what is happening in the USA and wonder, is this all a bad dream?

    Enjoy your knitting! Love the owl!

  11. This blog post is fine, but I had to click on something in my Webroot security alarm to get here. As for Kavanaugh, I guess he felt that if he were too passive, he would seem culpable. It will be very interesting to see what happens next.

  12. I saw two people testify about a Supreme Court Justice position last week. One had an honest and helpful demeanor. The other yelled a lot, had long filibusters of answers that seemed to state everything but the direct answer to the question (even to simple yes or no questions), seemed to think he was entitled to this job, and did not really exemplify grace under fire or the temperament that I would want to see in a Supreme Court Justice. Judging purely on testimony, I want the woman to get the job. Oh! That's right she wasn't seeking that job nor the notoriety and heartache that came from this hearing.

  13. From your lips to God's ear. Somebody hit those people with a smart stick.

  14. Get on with the owl — probably needs a companion — cute!
    Can well imagine the Nominee believes what he says which makes it so in his mind and what he thinks others should believe, too. I hope we come away with some semblance of the truth. But whatever, I think he demonstrated lacking an attitude and temperament to be on the SC, or even a Judge in any other Court. I’ll be truly troubled by those in the Administration who may continue to support that appointment after his revelations during his outburst. And to think I thought the Thomas appointment was an isolated travesty of judgement.


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