Friday, May 25, 2018

Pillow Talk

How to Arrange Sofa Pillows

This picture is from Southern Living magazine.  It accompanies an article telling how to arrange pillows on the sofa.

  1. Start with matching pillows at either end and then work toward the middle with smaller pillows.
  2. Mix and match the pillow covering fabrics.
  3. Throw in an odd size/shape.
  4. Fluff the pillows (which are  preferably down-filled)
I think this looks quite attractive. And comfy. I wouldn't mind having this sofa.

This is from

There is an article there about how to get a luxury hotel look for your bedroom.  Note the pile of pillows.  I think this looks attractive.  And comfy.  I wouldn't mind having this bed.

What I really want to know about pillows is this:

                        Why do males hate them so much?

Grandson, son, husband, boyfriend, casual visitor -- there is not a male I have ever encountered who would not walk into a room containing a couch or a bed similar to those pictured here and immediately remove all the decorative pillows.


  1. My first reaction when seeing these photos is that they look pretty but they are in the way for sitting or lying down. I have pillows on the ends of my couches, but not all the way across. They are great for laying down, but if three people share a couch, even those are in the way.

  2. My husband has a very wide artistic streak and loves pillows. I like one or two

  3. They only get in the way for sitting or sleeping.

  4. Interesting. My hubby loves them on the bed and around the house as does Buddy who has bought pillow slips for changing up pillows for the seasons.

  5. Add another female to that list. I'm with Linda and Joeh. Where does one sit and where do you put the pillows when you go to bed? Pretty but surely not practical.

  6. Very pretty sofa and bed. I don't have any pillows like those and prefer the uncluttered look for my own home.

  7. We got a bit of a hilarious lecture about the ability of pillows to multiply and grow from the anthropologist on our cruise this past winter. He made a good point. I have a few pillows on my be, but some people get carried away.

  8. I go more for comfort than looks, but yes, we have a few pillows on both the sofa and the bed - all get thrown off when using.

  9. I'm not sure why that is, either. I do have cushions on the couch but they sure don't look like the one above...not after having been tossed about and sat on and shoved to the side.

    My bed doesn't look that good either, though I do have seven pillows on it. I suspect it's likely the rest of the and kid toys, a book or two. Can you tell I sleep alone? (with the exception of cats of course.)


  10. Add me to the list of haters. Damn things are always in the way.

  11. lol ... guess you got your answer ... they're always in the way.

  12. Playing catch up on my blog reading since I've been out of town. I love this Olga. I don't know why men dislike the pillow so. My hubby HATES them. It has now become a joke around our house. When we remodeled our bedroom and I got a new duvet cover and new pillows his first reaction was, "did the other pillows multiply? do we really need that many pillows?"


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