Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Forgot

I hope that I am just tired and somewhat stressed over the whole selling/moving thing.  I am wearing myself out with going downstairs to get something, having to go back upstairs to remember what it was I wanted, going down again to get whatever it was, and then going back up to use it.

I am running out of patience with my lack of focus.  I was glad to come across this information:

Keeping Your Memory Sharp

People with some forgetfulness can use a variety of techniques that may help them stay healthy and maintain their memory and mental skills. Here are some tips:

Plan tasks, make “to do” lists, and use memory aids like notes and calendars. Some people find they remember things better if they mentally connect them to other meaningful things, such as a familiar name, song, book, or TV show.

Develop interests or hobbies and stay involved in activities that can help both the mind and body.

Engage in physical activity and exercise. Several studies have associated exercise (such as walking) with better brain function, although more research is needed to say for sure whether exercise can help to maintain brain function or prevent or delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Limit alcohol use. Although some studies suggest that moderate alcohol use has health benefits, heavy or binge drinking over time can cause memory loss and permanent brain damage.

Find activities, such as exercise or a hobby, to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. If these feelings last for a long time, talk with your doctor.

I know that there are some of you out there who could remind me that my memory was never a strong point.  Keep it to yourselves!


  1. HAHA! I have always prided myself on my memory but as I age (I'm almost 68), I tend to forget more so I cope by writing things down. Of course, sometimes that scribble makes no sense to me LOL. I can still pretty much tell you where anything is in my house and if I can't find it, I won't give up until I do!!!! I've searched through trash on an occasion or two.

  2. I have lists all over the place. And sticky notes, too. I even write reminders on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker when I think of stuff brushing my teeth at night or in the shower each morning.

    So true on the limiting alcohol. My sister used to drink like mad and would be so productive. I always wondered how she managed because it just makes me forget what the heck I'm supposed to do.

  3. I suspect with everything that is going on you can be forgiven for feeling a little forgetful. Moving is a stressful time!

    I've been using to do lists for years, and for this trip I have notebook with ideas of things to do and see, admission prices, restaurants, etc. I couldn't do without it!

    I won't say have fun with the packing, but I hope the clearing out and packing up goes well. Please do write a post on how to accomplish downsizing....I'll be on the track soon (in fact should be starting it now) so your insights will be much appreciated.

  4. Olga, I want to say that my iPhone keeps track of all the info that I need to do or remember... however, I do forget where I put it several times a day.

    As for moving, that is always stressful, so give yourself some slack.

  5. I felt much assured to know I am not alone when I read this. I have so much to do, so I am reading blogs. I CAN'T FOCUS. I've been traveling for two weeks and getting ready to go again tomorrow. I can't find anything. I keep looking for the glasses that are sitting on my face. I have felt like this for two weeks. It is driving me crazy. I hope you find your focus soon.

  6. They are now calling Alzheimer's Diabetes Type III, so limit sugar, not just alcohol. And sorry that you are so drained. I know how rough it can be even when we are younger. :(

  7. I'd be lost without my lists -- and since you're in the midst of moving, I bet you have many long ones.

  8. These are all good ideas, and I pretty much live by that list. But I suspect that your problem is that you are on thinking overload. Keep sticky notes handy to write down thoughts of things you need to do as they occur. Then spend time each day, either morning or evening, organizing which ones you will do each day, including when you will take a walk and have some down time. You are not losing it.

  9. Do not be too unhappy about your memory issues until all the moving is done. That keeps your mind going in ten different directions at once and fails to allow you to stick to a routine which helps memory. I started having memory problems a decade ago, but it does not seem to be getting worse.

  10. I hope the whole moving business ends well. As for memory, I agree with the point about alcohol abuse. It does kill brain cells. Better not to drink at all.

  11. It happens -- you're busy and stressed, and your mind goes all over the place. Yoga breathing helps. I also try to keep my mind centered by doing puzzles.

  12. Moving is a great way to lose weight but I think it also makes us lose our minds a bit also. You are just over stimulated right now. Quit what you are doing, forget what is needed to be done and go take in a movie you have wanted to see and gorge on popcorn.
    Ah, I feel better just having typed that.

  13. My smart phone has been a god-send to my memory. I carry it everywhere and record my to-do lists and grocery lists, etc. My only problem is when I come up with a bright idea and the phone is out of my grasp momentarily. Then that light bulb moment is gone forever:-(

  14. I love that last line! I don't know if it is that I am forgetful or just not organized! Google Calendars and Google Tasks has made a huge difference! HUGE! Great list.

  15. I believe that you just have too much on your mind right now with organizing everything for moving, and the stress of moving from a home you have been in for years. When all of the details of your move are in place and you are in your new place, I bet your focus and memory will be back to normal.

    You have such lovely views near your home. Our leaves are subdued looking around here, too. Some of the trees are looking pretty stressed this year. We have just started having some chilly nights, so I am sure the color will perk up around here soon.


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