Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Much to Sew

Whoops. Oh, well. Here is a pair of flying pajamas!

Since the garage has now been substantially cleared out--no Harleys left at all--I took down a door and set it up as a a cutting station on milk crate legs out in the garage. Mike used to be tinkering around on motorcycles out there, now it is my turn for my hobbies. It's a great luxury to have all that space and not have to keep material from sliding off the limited surface of the kitchen counter while in the midst of laying out patterns and cutting.

Another thing I appropriated from my husband--lead weights that he has a bucket of for some reason--(Well, that reason being casting his own bullets). Anyway, they are very handy for weighting down the pattern pieces--much faster than pinning. I will spend my sewing time for the next few days cutting out patterns. Who would have thought our hobbies would ever mesh?

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