Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sewing with Velveteen

I made the mistake of letting Kristen dig through my fabric scraps box during her visit last week. She found some red velveteen and some pink satin. I'm not even sure where it came from--probably included in some yard sale purchase. This is what she wanted to have made into jackets--two of them because she has two 18" dolls and they apparently want to dress alike to go to the "hip hop club."
It took all day but I did manage to finish two jackets suitable for an evening at a hip hop club if you happen to be an 18" doll. What a miserable job sewing velveteen is! It shifts as you try to complete a seam. Lint flies all over but particularly gums up the bobbin case. Thank goodness I did not attempt this construction while the grand children were here because there would have been no way to keep the swearing under control. Little ears just don't need to hear that kind of stuff.
At least Kristen really does appreciate the doll clothes. So it gives me a kind of grandmotherly satisfaction to make them. Her mother, for whom her grandmother made beautiful outfits, was a doll undresser. I was forever finding naked dolls strewn around the house. Of course I would pick them up and dress them before putting them away, but my daughters first act when going to play with them again was to take off all the clothes. Her dolls had tattoos and punk hair cuts which, now that I think about it, should have given me a clue about what we were in for during the teen years...
Now sewing clothes for Kristen to wear herself is another matter. She is and always has been very fussy about what she will and will not wear. Now that she is in school (going into third grade) there is apparently a very strict code of what is considered cool enough and woe to those who don't get it right. I'm not sure I could take the rejection after putting in the effort if whatever wasn't acceptable to an eight year old fashionista.

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