Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner

I have owned eight to ten vacuums in my life of vacuum ownership. In contrast, my mother, when she died in her early 90's, had owned a grand total of two. There must be something to that old saying, "They just don't make them like the used to." Of course, I did arrive at my mom's one afternoon to find her attempting to mow the lawn with her old Hoover, but that's another story entirely.
The upright, bagged machine I have now is fine for carpets, which cover most of my floors, but it has no attachments. Instead, you get the little canister thingy with the attachment assortment. I'm sure you've seen it--it is capable of sucking up a twenty pound bowling ball. Sucking up toast crumbs and cat food off the kitchen floor--not so much. Since I rarely to never feel the need to suck up kitchen cluttering bowling balls, I'm not particularly impressed with this little system. Not only does it not do the kind of cleaning up service I would want, especially for the price I paid for it, but it routinely falls apart in my hands. The hose pulls out; the wands fall off; the attachments stick when you want to take them off and fall off when you need them to be on; the hooks for winding up the cord has been replaced at least twice and it fell off again today; the front wheel fell off and the rear wheels wobble badly. You would think from looking at it that I was a demolition derby style vacuum babe.
I'd like to demolish it, but I can't justify buying a new machine at this point since I mange to get things reasonably clean in spite of the personal aggravation. I'm trying not to be wasteful. On the other hand, I know if I live to be in my 90's I'll not be taking that particular machine to the nursiing home with me.

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