Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Plant Sale Disappointment

I have always loved and used libraries in any town or city where I've happened to live. They have always given a sense of connection with the community itself as well as with the larger world that books and libraries open up. Living in the country, there is just not that much that is within walking distance so I love that our little town library can be a destination walk for me. But it is really so important to me as that link to community that I have found frustratingly elusive in this particular rural setting. So I try to support our library in any little way I can.

Last Saturday, there was a plant sale to raise some money for the library. I have many plants that are in need of dividing, so I did some digging and potting between rain showers on Friday. I really was not in the market for new plants unless there happened to be some vegetable sets so I did have to check out what was available. I did not need any more perennial flowers, but then of course I succumbed to the desire for some.

The sale works like this--you look around and find your first pick and then stand by it, guarding it until the leader gives a signal to make your first pick. You grab the plant and then run to guard your second choice. Your first choice costs $5.00; the second, $3.00; until its just grab what ever for 50 cents. I picked out an oxalis, dahlias, obedient plant, zinnia starts, and a small ground cover plant, the name of which I have now forgotten. Since my car was parked fairly far down the green, I piled my plants together in an out of the way spot and went to pay up. Then when I went to gather the plants into my vehicle--no plants to be found. I assume that some one's child or spouse was helping out a plant purchaser and loaded them unnoticed into a car by mistake. It was a disappointment though. Still, I didn't need them and sometimes the universe conspires to remind you of things like the difference between wants and needs. No harm done. And now I do not have to look for another place to expand or start a new flower garden. Taking on the new veg patch was enough for this year.

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