Thursday, December 6, 2018

Some Quilting

I made this  brown quilt -- could be a crib size, maybe a lap quilt. I plan to donate to the church Goods and Services Auction in January.

I much prefer to work in this size.

I did attempt a larger project:
Way too many opportunities for mistakes and way too hard to quilt on a regular old sewing machine!

I used left over material (which I bought at a yard sale last winter) to make a shopping bag. I plan to fill that with jars of jam and maple syrup; coffee, tea and hot chocolate; pancake and scone mixes. I will call it breakfast in a bag and donate that to the auction as well.

I can whip these bags up in no time so maybe I will just specialize in bags from now on.


  1. I love that bag. They have a lot of uses, I could see it as a diaper bag also.

  2. You are one very special person. Blessings to you at this time of year.

  3. I prefer smaller sized quilts to work on also. Started out making "pet quilts" for the cats and dogs to use on the chairs and sofas. They can also be donated to animal shelters. I gave the ones I made to my friends' pets. Baby quilts are fun too. The larger ones ARE difficult to work with on the old Singer I use too. Cute idea of the breakfast in a bag...

  4. Good on you for donating your time and talents.
    Small projects are more fun to make.

  5. Both quilts are lovely as is the bag. I have to confess I like the bigger one the best. I like the range of colors and it looks very inviting and warm. You have a wonderful talent.

  6. Nice work Olga!! I can't sew a lick. I have two sewing machines. Very nice I hear. One is Janome and when a neighbor saw it she went crazy. I offered to give it to her and she said her husband would kill if she brought another one home. I am willing to give it away. Never used by me that is for certain. I try but sewing is not my forte.

    1. Wow, now I have Janome envy! My FL sewing machine is so old it is entirely metal and it has a straight and a zigzag stitch.

  7. You are so crafty and use your normally idle time to good advantage. I spend mine holding a Kindle or staring at the tube. Sadly, I can't donate either of those. Keep up the good work and be proud.

  8. Lovely sewing and so generous of you to donate the items. The idea of breakfast in the bag is thoughtful and creative!



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