Monday, March 12, 2018

Wine and Cheese

looking out my kitchen window

I survived my cleanse diet quite nicely.  This past week I added protein foods -- chicken, fish and eggs -- to my meals.  A little protein and heaps of vegetables and some fruits is what I think I will be doing for a while.  I have not added coffee back because I find I don't really miss it.  

I did add a glass of wine to no ill effect (Whew!).  I was at a social event over the weekend and wine was being served. I didn't want to insult my hosts.   A glass of wine once in a while is one of life's pleasures as far as I am concerned.

I started to experiment with dairy foods.  Unfortunately, cheese is not my friend.  I was noticing that the old pattern of rise and have to blow my nose for the first five minutes of every day had fallen by the wayside, even with the pollen season in full swing.   I had some cheese last night and woke up all stuffed up.  I will try it again in few days and see if it happens again.

So far no reflux.  That's encouraging.


  1. A diet change can cure a lot of ills, here's to continued success. I wouldn't give the cheese more than one more chance.

  2. Cheese goes so well with wine, but not if it give you a reaction.
    Good for you for finishing your cleanse and feeling better.

  3. It sounds like your cleanse was a great success, and I like how you have been carefully adding things back and watching for negative effects. I love cheese more than I dislike a stuffed nose. Not sure I could give that one up. Well done, Olga.

  4. I keep thinking my sinus issues have to do with the dry winter air...hmmmmm?

  5. Your header was a grabber. :-) I too did an elimination diet and that was my finding, cheese was bothersome. If I have one piece I can survive, a couple and I am stuffed up, I bloat and a few other issues. So I understand. Being celiac is bad enough before you know it I will only be able to inhale air. But at least wine doesn't bother me. :-)
    Good job Olga!
    p.s. it is beautiful outside that window. I wish I were there. I am freezing.

  6. I can give up alcohol, but I definitely cannot give up caffeine. I must have my coffee every morning, or else!!!

  7. Love the pic of looking out your kitchen window. And glad your cleanse is doing well. I never connected the congestion (and nose blowing) in the early morning to dairy (or cheese specifically). I thought it was just part of aging. Since I eat a lot of cheese and drink milk with D for the calcium, I'm going to have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. It takes a lot of efforts to do body cleansing, the special diet is something not many people can take. And you you did it!

  9. Very interesting!
    Cheese gives me migraine, like Peggy, if I have one piece I can survive, a couple and I suffer.

  10. I'm impressed that you stuck it out. I just don't think I could. Of course, I could. I guess I'm just lazy.

  11. My husband suffered a long time with acid reflux. I hope you are on your way to better health.

    He takes 24 pills every day, for cancer. He has cut out foods to which he is intolerant. Such a difference all around. The reflux was worrying him more than the cancer stuff!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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