Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oktober Fest?

I saw an ad for a nearby "Oktober Fest."  It's being held this weekend, September 22 to 24.  Am I missing something.

Am I missing something?  This confused me.


We had a fairly chilly and wet summer.  Now that autumn is officially here the weather prediction is for record breaking heat over the next couple of days.  They are reminding us that the lake temperature is still swimmable.  I have been enjoying the nice weather but I still am somewhat unsettled by all the extremes and tragic weather events elsewhere.


I have been wishing I could get a new car.  Actually, I have only ever had a brand new car twice in my life and they were the two worst cars I ever had.  The Saab I bought was an out and out lemon.  So I am really looking for a new to me car.  Anyway, I was looking at some cars on line, reading an AARP article about good cars for those of a certain age.  I had never even heard of the Ford C-Max, so I made an inquiry about it.  I am now the best friend of every single car dealership in northern Vermont (at least until they figure out I will not be buying a car from each of them).

I hate car shopping.


Maybe it is just me but I think that if Kim Jong Un is calling you mentally deranged it's time to take a good hard look in the mirror.  Two arrested development world leaders cannot be a good thing.


Oh, well.  I head that the world was going to end this weekend any way.  In preparation I polished off a container of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (actually frozen yogurt).  I really try to avoid dairy so this was waiting for a visit from my grandkids, but what the heck.  I couldn't let it just go to waste.  But if the world doesn't end it will go to waist.


I don't understand the artificially colored versus naturally colored Trim cereal.  Why is anyone eating Trix at all?  Really, sometimes I think there is no hope for this country.


Grandma Kc said...

You are so wonderfully entertaining and I don't think you miss anything!

Rich bought a new car back in January. We bought at the first place we went so dealerships haven't been a problem but Sirius Radio is still calling trying to get us to subscribe. It has been 9 months - give up people!

Linda Reeder said...

October Fest is a German thing, and in Munich it is held from mid September to early October. I guess we have to get ready for October by drinking beer?
We bought our car through a car rental agency, Dollar Rental Car.
Previously we purchased a van from Thrifty Car rentals. I really think this is a good way to go. The cars are "broken in", well serviced, and lemons are already weeded out.
Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are two of a kind. I wish they would both shut the f**k up! I think I'll eat ice cream too!

Barbara said...

Hahaha. You crack me up - and I agree.

Sally Wessely said...

Ben and Jerry's sounds like a great way to deal with this crazy world. I like the way you think.

Car buying is the worst. I am a good negotiator though. I always get hard-nosed and end up with a good deal in the end. I out-do my hubby in that area.

Tabor said...

Fun and accurate post. The world doesn't seem it wants to end...just torture us more. Get a friend to go car shopping with you, one who is willing to speak out.

Olga Hebert said...

Ah. I learned something new.
Vermonters may not all be of German decent but we do like our various craft beers for sure.

Arkansas Patti said...

You have to give Kim Jong Un one point for originality. "Dotard" is more creative than "Rocket Man". Lord have mercy on us all with these two at the helm.
My last new car was 14 years ago and until this one shows any signs of illness, she may be my last. So far zero repairs. Do miss that new car smell and the urge for a road trip a new one inspires. Have fun being popular with the dealers.

gigihawaii said...

I prefer Korean cars, but David likes Japanese cars. American cars are for the birds.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Oktoberfest is a German word and thus a sinle word since Germans connect nouns together. And yes Munich has a hand in its dated of celebration. Beer industry has join in as it loves the profits.
Trump and ** are really idiots but more scary now is Putin as he seems to be hidden in this mess somehow.
Hope you find a car. Becareful as now there will be cars that were in floods hitting the market. It happened after Sandy;
The heat wave hit here too. We headed for a swim in the lake in fall. Rare event!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

good assessments. As for Kong Jong Un and Orange idiot it's pot calling kettle black. Both enormous idiots who will have us killed in many ways

Sextant said...

Unfortunately the world did not end over the weekend, so the car dealers still await. They will try to convince you that the fate of the planet rests in your hands. Sign this deal today, because tomorrow and everyday there after there won't be any deals and the sun just may not rise. Good luck.

Granny Annie said...

Clever and funny post but also filled with concerning thoughts.

Grandma C said...

Well we lived another day, that is good right. :)
Go for a dependable car. Mine is a Honda.

joared said...

Some say rather than buying a new car some older folks would benefit from leasing instead. Need to study criteria to see if you're one of those people, then how and when to turn in so you don't lose money. I don't know from experience but the pitch sounds good and have friends who are leasing one for the new safety technology.

NAN said...

I bought my 2016 Prius all online- it was great but I knew what I wanted and like to buy locally, so no hassle at all. I did my research and knew what they were going for in my area and that pretty much was my negotiation tool. My last Prius lasted me 200,000 miles and 11 years. The Lutheran churches in my area have Octoberfest- yes, in October. It's usually a fun affair- lots of music and food and FREE since it's a potluck. The church provides the meat! Have you tried the new Halo 'ice cream?' I really like it and hardly any calories at all. I love Ben and Jerry's but too fattening for me.

Sasha, Saku & Sheldon said...

All of your comments were spot on Olga!

I'm going to have to consider a newer vehicle soon. I bought my Toyota Corolla in 2010 and it was 4 years old then. However I think I'll wait until I retire and move to the Island. That way I'm purchasing a vehicle locally.

Good luck in the search!