Monday, May 22, 2017

Still Spring

It is still spring in Vermont although for two or three days last week we had a taste of summer with temperatures shooting up to high 80's.

Before I could snap a picture of the gorgeous pinkness of the crab apple tree in bloom, a cold front blew in and also blew all the petals off the tree.  My car, parked nearby, looked like it had been festooned with confetti.

The grass is green and the trees have that tender yellow-green cast of early leaves, but the sun wants to stay hidden.

Contrast the water views:

Spring in VT

Winter in FL


I am frustrated with trying to post adequate photos.  These are from my old phone, obviously not an up to date iPhone.

I don't know whether to blame Google, Blogger, Apple's Photos or the Universe in general, but I cannot access "Photos" on my computer when I am working to post in Blogger.  Grr.  I just get the spinning thing.

Maybe it's me. 


  1. Hmm. Don't know what to tell you. I have all my photos stored on my hard drive of my desk top, and I have no problem getting them to post on Blogger.
    Do you have adequate Internet connectivity?

  2. Here in Southern California we're having cool to hot temps, too, with changes every few days. I like the cloudy days as all too soon we'll likely have more heat and sun than is comfortable.

  3. Always keep a jacket by the door just in case:-)

  4. I'll take summer in VT and winter in FL. :-)

  5. Don't you just love that new growth green? I sometimes wish it would stay that way all summer.

  6. I have the same photo issue, it is Google that no longer allows access to photos saved in ios devices on blogger. The work around it for me was to download the Google photo app and get my photos from there. It took a bit of figuring it out but it works,
    Trees are still not in full foliage here.


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