Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Kay, on her blog Musings, recently posted about shampoo.

I loved her first line:

        You know I'm having difficulty finding something to write about when I wander around the house staring at           things.

I had to laugh because I know that feeling all too well.

Her topic of shampoo got me thinking about hair because my hair was a fairly frequent topic of discussion during my winter in Florida.

Obviously, I don't spend a lot of time or money on my hair:

The guy that cuts my hair used to suggest "low lights" (whatever those are) but he has given up and now agrees I should just be grateful for a "healthy head of hair."

One woman with whom I walk the beach told me that my hair color does not suit me.  I should dye it red and then the two of us will go to the Senior Center to pick up men!!

Good grief!  I really do not see myself as a red head.  And quite frankly, if I want to pick up men, the Senior Center is not going to be my venue of choice.*

Other friends staged what felt like an intervention, telling me I would look years younger if I just colored my hair.

A.  I would not feel in any way good about having chemicals dumped on my head. No, just no.  

B.  I quite like my hair just the way it is.

I should probably mention that no one thinks twice about hair in Vermont, the hippie-dippy natural state.  You've all seen Bernie.

*Sorry to be ageist. But here is my take on dating at a certain age, all the same:

Growing old with someone 

is a mystical mirror.
Looking in, I  see you,  
as I see  myself,
the sinewy muscle,
fresh,  smooth skin,
and lush, full lips
ripe for kissing,
even as it fades, a hint
of boundless energy.

Oh how memory softens
sharp edges of reality, 
the good old days and
getting through the bad.
The brutal fact remains -- 
and sad to say --
we are not bottles of wine 
nestled in Chateau Margaux 
aging into perfection.

Don’t think I whine about 
Growing old...No.
I mourn the loss of
Shared memories, 
shared illusions preserving
that reflection of youth
Because frankly
men my age 
Are just so darn old.

March, 2017


Granny Annie said...

You could be a cougar and hook up with younger men:-) By the way, what's wrong with the Senior Center? Can be lots of fun:-)

Karen said...

Stick to your convictions lady! I still get it from my kids too. 65+ and still have my long hippy dippy hair. Can't imagine otherwise.

Olga Hebert said...

I am just not that social.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You need to wear your hair the way you want to wear your hair. I have gray in the front and the rest is brown. People ask if I dye the gray that way. I laugh. No, it's the real thing. The one thing I enjoy about being 61 is that I can do whatever the hell I want. So far that is the only thing I have found good about being 61 actually.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hey, that hair is perfect for being pampered by studly young men. I play the age card shamelessly. Had to laugh at the senior center not being your "venue of choice.*

Debby said...

OMG I am always complaining about my hair. It's long and thick - and I am at that stage where I have 2-3 colors as my gray hair takes over. I mostly just braid my hair down my back.On days when my arm won't lift, I put it all in a ponytail. I wish for a short haircut one day, but my goal is to cut it and donate it to children with cancer. I have a few more inches to grow.

Linda Myers said...

I colored my hair for years but have let it go - curly white hair has energy!

Depends on the activities at the senior center, I guess. I'm still attracted to a good brain and an interesting conversation.

Linda Reeder said...

If he's not your own old guy, then he's just an old guy.
I have never colored my hair. Going gray gradually was to me a normal process, and one I earned.

Olga Hebert said...

Ah, can I use that as the title of my poem?

Tabor said...

So your Florida friends should be a reality show. I would love to know how they get sexy looking and develop one-liners. I used to color my hair, but I am old and everyone knows it.

Linda Reeder said...


Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

No chemicals in my hair either. I just get it buzzed at #8 setting and watch it grow in very fast. I loved the dating topic lol.

joared said...

One of my most read blog posts written years ago has been Red Head Aging Naturally -- and that means including my hair as it's beautiful color has gradually changed. Maybe I should up date that post. Stick to your guns!

Barbara said...

I go au naturale myself. If it were a once a year event, hair dyeing, I might think about it but since mine is right in front it would be once every three weeks I'm sure. No thanks. I am who I am.