Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunday Sojourn

The Venice Rookery is an island in a small pond where many birds nest.  Last Sunday, there were white egrets, blue herons, and anhinga.  There is a resident alligator, but I did not see him that day.

You can probably see why I had camera anxiety.  Me, with my Nikon Coolpix set on auto focus--I stayed out of the way of the big boys.


These three guys were having some kind of disagreement, but they managed to work it all out.


  1. Now you know sex was involved in the dust up.
    Those are a lot of jackets for Florida.

    1. Yeah, it was winter that day--temps in the low 60's and windy. Vtermonters would have all broken out shorts and tee shirts for the same weather!

  2. I know that your gorgeous photos were every bit as nice as the ones by the pros! Beautiful birds!

  3. I rarely bring a tripod, but with so many photos there will not be an original in the bunch.

  4. That rookery had a lot of birds! Don't ever be intimidated by the big cameras - it's all about composition!

  5. I agree with everyone else. You look like you are holding your own. Even better, you look like you are having fun.

  6. I agree with Barb. I think you it is great that you just got out there to capture the experience of it all. That is what it is all about.

  7. You did yourself proud with that little camera! Those egrets are awesome and I always love seeing how different the scenery is on your coast compared to ours


I appreciate readers' comments so much. You don't even always have to agree with me.