Monday, February 4, 2013

More of the Alligator Creek Trail

DSCN2357When I first started my ride down this trail, I thought it was pretty wild looking—even though I could clearly hear traffic noise no far off.

There were homes across the creek, though.
DSCN2358The ornate door here was just a decorative back drop to the deck.  I just loved seeing these docks and wondering about what life must be like in this jungle-like setting right in the middle of town.
DSCN2370DSCN2372This hammock terrain just says rural Florida to me.
DSCN2361 Forbidding, isn’t it?



~Kc Waddell said...

I have to admit I would be a bit worried one of those alligators would come out to greet me!

Margaret said...

I think that would scare me too. But it looks fun to explore.

Arkansas Patti said...

Don't worry about the gators. If the sun is out, warmth is all they care about. That door was a clever touch.

Bossy Betty said...

Fascinating area! It is exotic compared to many! Thanks for sharing it.

Muffie said...

I think you're quite courageous to venture into this area alone. However, I do love the photos!

Olga said...

I tend to be more wary of people.