Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do Not Call

Mike signed us up for the "Do Not Call" list as soon as he heard about it.  He has been diligent about renewing that request as needed and about registering every phone we have added or used in the past several years.

Apparently there is a way around it now.

A while ago I was out and Mike took a call from someone who claimed I had filled out a survey.   He told the woman to call back at nine the next morning since he knew nothing about this survey.  He told me about it and I couldn't recall filling out a survey.  I may have and just did not remember???

The woman called promptly at nine and informed me that my husband had given her the time as a good one to call.  I am sure he thought we would both be out for a walk by then.  When I asked about what kind of survey, the caller got very vague and hung up!

Then it happened again...and again.  Tonight there was a call on Mike's cell.  "Congratulations!  You filled out a chance to win a Caribbean cruise..."  I hung up.  There is not a person in the entire world less likely to want to win a cruise of any sort.  He always says he got all the cruise experience he ever wants during his years in the Navy.

So this must be some kind of loophole.  It the caller claims right away that you basically asked for the call the  
"do not call" rules no longer apply.

What took them so long?

And where should we send our complaints?


Tabor said...

It is my understanding that if you have a relationship with a company or organization...such as donating or purchasing online or some other way they can still be able to call you. Regarding cruises, I am sure they were calling you wrongly and you could get as much info from them and report to the do not call list folks or file a complaint here

Muffie said...

I find that caller id helps a lot. If I don't recognize the name or number, I don't answer. We, too, are on the 'do not call' list, but sneaks are sneaks and they'll find a way to annoy and antagonize.

Sextant said...

I heard that the do not call program expires every so often, and you have to renew it. That makes about as much sense as an assault rifle ban expiring but that is what I heard. Why it is that our law makers think that after 3 years or so we will be interested in getting PIA phone calls or that assault rifles will no longer pose a threat is beyond me. Now waterfowl, has a Federal law limiting shotguns to 3 rounds and as far as I know it never expires.

Getting back to the telemarketing, I wish I had the resolve to jack these people around a bit, feign interest, keep the on the line for about 10 minutes, act like I have more money than brains, instead of a dire shortage of both. Alas I either get mad or start laughing.

My mother, bless her nasty soul, could turn into a sweet old lady loaded with cash with a call from a roofer and inquire about new gutters, windows, siding, new concrete drive way, and a new porch. Then she would ask for a ball park figure and then say with earnest sweetness that OH she was sorry, but she didn't think she could afford that. Probably not roof either because she was still paying off having the roof done last year. When the person complained about wasting their time she would ask who called whom?

Then local newspaper called her one time wanting to sign her up for a subscription. She had the lady on the phone for 5 minutes explaining the different sections of the newspaper. Asking questions like would she be able to find out the scores for Pirate and Steeler games. The lady hung up when she asked if the paper had an Obituary. Oh and what exactly do you use an obituary for? She was a master.

One thing I have learned is that if you answer the phone and there is a pause and a click, hang up, its a telemarketer.

Olga said...

Your mother sounds like a firecracker. I would love to do something like that.

Barb said...

Olga, I just read on Facebook that now our cell #'s are becoming public information, and you have to sign up your cell phones for no call, too. I did mine last night. All I need is for them to waste my time on the cell - at home I just let the machine pick up.

Rian said...

I don't think those "don't call" sign ups work. We just don't answer if we don't recognize the called ID. If it's important, they can always leave a message on the recorder. I have a cute story (I'll make it short) involving my 5 year old grandson and an Unknown caller. GS noticed that the called ID said, "Unknown caller 1" and asked me who that was. I explained that it wasn't anyone we knew and that's why we didn't answer, that just like you don't talk to strangers on the street, you don't talk to strangers on the phone. And probably they just wanted to sell us something. GS thought for a moment and then said, "But Me-maw, what if they wanted to sell you gumballs?" Laughing, I explained that you shouldn't buy gumballs from strangers on the phone either.

Betty said...

I have signed up on the "do not call" list several times, too, but I still get all kinds of unwanted calls. It depends on my mood what I do about them. Sometimes I play with them for a while, others I hang up as soon as they start talking.

Arkansas Patti said...

The ones I get are those selling nothing but want to give you something--"the chance to take advantage of an offer." I am terribly rude and hang up immediately the minute I realize they are not friend or family.

Olga said...

Thanks for that information. I did hope there really was a place to complain.

Olga said...

We just recently got caller ID. Now we have to get used to using it.

Olga said...

We did register our cell phones, too. Too bad we can not also register our doorbells.

Olga said...

Ha! I guess we do take the chance of missing out once in a great while.

Country Girl said...

What gets me are the calls that are silent for a few minutes when you answer. Then you know for sure they are a telemarketer! Hang up! They are such a pain, but I guess it's a job!

Linda Myers said...

Nope. Cellphones are free from do not call lists.

Linda Myers said...

We got rid of our landline and have three cellphones on a family plan. One is mine, one is for my husband, and one is the number I give to people other than family and friends - like stores. We never answer that number.We turn it off, as a matter of fact. Then, once a week or so, we turn it on and listen for any messages. In the last two years, there have been only two messages. We returned those calls.

Sextant said...

I find myself in the unusual position of aiding scammers. What I said about the listings expiring is not true. On the news last night there was an item about scammers calling people to re-register their phones and collecting information.

--The National Do Not Call Registry DOES NOT CALL YOU.

--Your registered phones do not expire.

--If you receive a call from some claiming to be from the National Do Not Call Registry HANG UP IT IS A SCAMMER.


For more info on this scam and the Do Not Call Registry see: