Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Being There

I met with my writing group—a small intrepid band of us who get together on a fairly regular basis at the Jericho Town Library to discuss and support each others’ writing—last night.  I attended from 1500 plus miles away through the wonders of technology via web cam.

Having the ability to do this was one of the main motivations for getting my new laptop last year.

So now I have no excuse for slacking off on the writing.  I was not even the farthest away as the group had a note from one of the original group members who is currently in Croatia.

It looks like a good week ahead—temps above average.  Mike has gone to visit a friend today and I am going to shop for a bicycle.  I have been looking at ads for used bikes, but have decided to go to a bike shop and get a new one.  That way I will know what I am getting.  Way more expensive, but I am worth it.
Tomorrow we will make a trip to Sarasota and shop at the Costco there.  The pantry is one of my favorite things about our Florida house.  It could use a bit more filling up since we will be here three months.  Kind of looks like we drink and we clean from this view.


  1. Love the pantry! My daughter has one, and every time I'm there, I think I really want one.
    Great news about getting with your group via the internet. Isn't technology great?!

  2. We didn't have a pantry in our house until a few years ago when we remodeled the kitchen. Then we took the hall closet beside the stairs and turned it into a pantry that opens into the kitchen. Love it!

  3. My pantry was shortened because the contractor (idiot) forgot to make space for the duct! Get a hybrid when you get your bike and buy a gel seat to go over the regular seat.

  4. I would love that pantry too!!! It is unseasonably cold here in AZ, high only in the upper sixties!! But warmer that northern Wisconsin!!!

  5. Oh, I am excited about your bike. Be sure to post a picture.

  6. I love your pantry. It makes me a bit envious. I was hoping for a bigger pantry with our new home and ended up with a smaller one. Somehow, I've made it work.

    What are you working on with your writing? Good for you for keeping up with your group, and good for them for being so in touch with technology and being willing to use it.

  7. I would love to have your pantry and I would really like to put that type of shelving out in the garage, too! It is a new year -- maybe we will get it done!


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