Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaks in the Storm


Sandy did not hit our area as badly as it might have.  I heard a meteorologist explain why that was but I don’t remember the explanation well enough to try to repeat it here.  It had something to do with the speed of the storm passing and layers of cold versus warm air.  I know that the winds on top of Mt. Mansfield hit 100 mile hour per hour while we here in the foothills just had a few afternoon gusts.  Our electricity blipped out only for a moment.


While it has been mostly wet and grey for the past few days, there were moments:



The sky was clear and it was warm on Tuesday morning.  The full moon was shining through the kitchen window.


Later that same morning I looked out our front window, which faces directly east.  It was raining quite hard.  I looked out the back door and this is what I saw to the west:



DSCN2194 I am grateful that Sandy snubbed us, but heartbroken at the damage s/he did elsewhere.


  1. Stunning rainbow that Sandy left behind. Glad you got the beauty part of the storm.

  2. So glad you dodged the bullet. I was wondering what damage she was doing north.
    She was a beast and I so feel for those who had awful damage and now are still with out power in the cold.
    Wonderful rainbow.

  3. So glad your area came through Sandy alright. It could have been very different...

    Rainbow is beautiful.

  4. So glad your area was spared. You also got the gift of a rainbow!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I'm relieved to know you were bypassed somewhat by that nasty lady, Sandy!

  6. You are surrounded by such great beauty. I'm glad you missed the storm.

  7. What beautiful "moments"! I'm glad Sandy didn't go crazy all over New England. Irene did enough of that.

  8. Lovely photo of the rainbow. Seldom do you see one against such blue sky.

  9. I'm glad you are okay too. The others who weren't so lucky are in all in our hearts and on our minds.

  10. Oh, that rainbow photo is beautiful. Seems being snubbed was the best thing that could've happened. So glad you're safe and not dealing with the devastation seen elsewhere.

  11. I was thinking of you. I am glad all is well. Lovely pictures.


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