Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn Colors

The trees are mostly bare as I write this and we are expecting lots of wind from Frankenstorm Sandy over the next few days so I suspect they will be completely bare by the time I get around to posting this.

however, there are a few individual trees around that are in full regalia.  There were three maple trees next to the Vermont Meat and Seafood Market where I shopped yesterday.  The were all a brilliant orangey red.  When I parked my car outside the store, I noticed that there were two Japanese tourists taking pictures.  She had a fancy (meaning very high-tech looking) camera and he had a movie camera.   She was slowly walking around one of the trees, snapping away all the while.  He as sitting on the ground tossing up handfuls of leaves and filming as the fluttered back down.  They were still there when I came out of the store, still clicking and filming.

Sometimes it is really a good thing to have a reminder.  The awesome beauty is right there next to a store where I shop once a week or so.  Others travel half way round the world just to see it.

I stopped at two different pumpkin patches on the way home, just to breathe in the scents of autumn and appreciate the colors in my world.
Pumpkin PatchSo there is still plenty of autumnal color if you know where to look.


  1. We do take our beautiful seasons for granted. Sometimes it does take a tourist to make us realize our great natural beauty. Stay safe during this terrible storm. Praying for all that live on the east coast.

  2. Olga, beautiful pumpkins! We still have our leaves -- lovely colors -- but you're right -- Sandy will undoubtedly pluck many of them!

  3. Honey all my life I have wanted to see the colors you have in Vermont in the fall. The closest I came to you was of course my trip to Maine.
    I am not giving up though on seeing Vermont.
    It is true how we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. We have no leaves changing here we go from summer to winter. lol
    Stay safe during the monster storm. I am praying for all of you.

  4. I keep thinking about all of the work just done and still being completed after Irene when we were in Vermont in late may. How much of it will be undone, or even worse. I'm glad you got out to see the beauty while it was still around!

  5. Have always wanted to take a trip up the East Coast to see the Fall Colors! Thanks so much for your pictures.

    But it's Tuesday and here in Texas the news shows 'Sandy' and it's wake of devastation. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers this morning.

  6. An apt photo mosaic for fall, just before Halloween. I agree that we often don't see the beauty that is all around us. Olga, in answer to your question about my bike photo, I'm experimenting with adding filters and textures to some of my photos - that was an edited one.

  7. What beautiful pumpkins, I hope you fared well during the storm. We have coastal damage in RI but overall not as bad as those other poor states. Hope all is well your way.


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