Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spanish Point

Spanish Point, in Osprey, Florida, is an historic site and museum preserving some of the life and death of indigenous people who lived in the area over five thousand years ago, the pioneer settlers, the early developers, and the native plants, and the coastal landscape.  It makes for an interesting mix along the walking tour.

This is the pioneer cemetery for the Webb family who arrived in the 1860's.  The land juts into the Gulf of Mexico and is raised by a large burial ground and shell middons that were created by the detritus of daily life from earlier inhabitants thousands of years ago. Graves on top of graves.  The fuzzy looking log is covered with resurrection fern.  When it rains, the ferns turn a bright green.

A glimpse of the packing house, where the Webb family who farmed this area for many years packed the citrus fruit for shipping:

The dock from the packing house:

Mangroves in the cove:

A gnarly tree near the old boat yard.

Farming must have been fairly good to the Webbs.  One of the children built this house with her husband.  It has been restored to reflect it 'pioneer' flavor.  It was built in 1901 and the couple rented rooms to early snow birds--winter residents.


  1. Nice photos. I enjoy tours of the south .

  2. My goodness, there were snow birds back then?
    I love resurrection ferns. It is amazing how they can go from dead to full of life with a little water.

  3. I have never been to Florida. It seems so interesting. Maybe someday...

  4. I love a place that combines beauty and history!

  5. The "gnarly tree" looks like an arthritic woman shaking a rug.

  6. June, I am not sure if you have a keen eye or an unusually overactive imagination.


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