Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Shells

Sometimes, not very often, I find a near perfect shell on the beach.  By perfect, I mean in good shape and with no one living in it.

Apple Murex

Other times I find a shell that is far, far from in perfect shape and yet I am so fascinated by it somehow that it ends up in my pocket.  I loved the spirals visible inside this shell that I would not have seen had it been whole.


My lesson for the day is that even our imperfections serve a purpose.


  1. I have quite a collection of shells from the Florida beaches and I love every one of them. They wew given to me by a family member living in Florida.

  2. I used to love the unusual ones also. I never found a sand dollar however. Think you might be on the best coast for shells.

  3. Imperfection is the uniqueness of the things we find, and each other. Happy hunting for unique things.

  4. I used to collect shells living in the South Pacific and fell in love with texture, pattern and shape. I keep this in view in my home and enjoy them everyday.

  5. Nice reminder sent to us in a very beautiful visual form. Thanks.

  6. Just reminded me that I left my shells from South Carolina in my landlady's RV. I guess their in Nevada by now. lol
    I love picking up shells but never have I found any this pretty and unusual. I had hoped big for some like these in Myrtle Beach but no luck.
    Every time I come over here I miss living on the coast so much. Maybe in the future I can only hope
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. And sometimes imperfections can be very intriguing and beautiful.

  8. I think imperfections; whether in nature or people; make us stop and look closer.And we usually find wonderful surprises hiding in there.

  9. Lucky you to find such


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