Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello, Grandma

I called my daughter yesterday and got to "talk" to my grand son.

Actually there was very little talking because he just was so excited to hear my voice he was beside himself.
Isn't that the sweetest?

I am every now and then reminded of why exactly I don't move to Florida full time.


  1. Of affairs long distance are not nearly as much fun.

  2. I bet he misses you. You are a very good grandma.

  3. How sweet! It's great being a Grandma - esp. when they're little and think we're extra-special.

  4. Oh, yes. It's very hard when the kids move away. But when Grandma does the moving? NO, no, no.

  5. A little separation peaks the interest, you don't want to be gone so long it becomes, "Grandma who??" Think you have the right balance.

  6. You must be going through grandchildren withdrawal! I know I would be. They will be so glad to have you back and I know you will love catching up on all the hugs you are missing.


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