Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Visitors

My grand children spent the weekend.
Dane completed this six foot long puzzle--with only a tiny bit of help from his Uncle Kevin.

We had popcorn and watched movies from the library.  We went to the playground--a couple of times.  We went out for pizza and played in the arcade for a while.  We did some drawing and card making and story reading.

Kristen did some shopping at Plato's Closet.  Dane kept saying he wanted to go too.  He doesn't like shopping so I was a bit confused, but I took him, too.  He was very disappointed when he realized we were not actually in a closet full of play-dough (one of his favorite things).

 We didn't have his pajamas, but tee shirt from Mike's old Motor Cycle business made a good enough night shirt.  He liked it enough to put on his boots and go out to do a happy dance on Saturday morning.

Kristen is modeling a felted hat I made for her.  She doesn't like to have her picture taken anymore, but she looks adorable in it.  Mike thinks that I used her life time supply of patience for photo shoots in the first three years of her life.  That's likely to be true.


  1. What a fun weekend you must have had. They sure kept you busy!! Love the hat. Take pictures whether she wants you to or not. Then threaten to post all the 'sassy' faces on a poster board for her 13th birthday. I did that with Charli, now she smiles sweetly for fear I will do it again when she graduates high school!!

  2. I love the photos and the hat. My grandkids are the same way. I think Mike might be on to something. I also snapped too many photos when they were younger. That is ok. Those photos are priceless.

  3. That first grand child really gets the camera treatment. My sister has at least 1000 pictures of her first granddaughter, maybe 50 of the second one.
    Love the jammies, pretty much what I wear.

  4. Oh, they're cuties (even the gal who is shy about photo -taking). Mine sometimes try to ignore me when they see the camera (all except Jack who still loves to mug). I bet you were relaxing today, Olga!

  5. Oh, what a disappointment for Dane...
    Imagining a whole closet full of Play Dough, and then finding himself in a clothing store! :-P

  6. Loved the play dough/ Plato misunderstanding. What a great weekend you had with your kids. You are such a good granny.

  7. We have much in common! Did the t-shirt thing, too!
    The kids were over on Friday night. What a blast!

    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  8. Seems very cosy over there. What a great color blue that hat is!


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