Friday, June 24, 2011


I took it into my head to paint the bathroom.  It hadn't been done for about 18 years.  It needed and overhaul.

 Actually, the first time I painted the bathroom, I started by stripping off wallpaper.  That led to the discovery that the bathroom had been through a remodel and that who ever had completed that moved the sink but left a hole in the wall where the pipes were originally located.  The hole was covered with wall paper, but that was the only attempt at repair.  I had to call my brother to bail me out on that one.

Then there was my attempt to reattached a loose tile in the shower enclosure that resulted in many tiles falling into the tub and the discovery that the wall behind the tile was rotted.  My brother was called in once again.

So this project took two days of my life but was relatively disaster free.  I did have to call Mike to help me remount the medicine cabinet on the wall (which wasn't easy or fun, but we he did it while I gave him helpful suggestions about leveling it and so forth).  I also bought a new vanity light fixture that I hope he will install because my willingness to fool around with anything electrical begins and ends with flipping a switch.  I'll wait until his head heals a little more before I start nagging.

So, I was wondering out loud what I should take on tomorrow around the house.  Mike suggested that it would make him extremely happy if I went next door and helped Ray chop fire wood.  That would give me plenty of exercise and would be a good deed in the bargain.

I think he just wants me out of his way.


  1. It is my experience that husbands really love helpful suggestions while they do things like that. When I ride in the car with Husband driving, I just know that he always appreciates my helping him with announcements of oncoming cars and the like. :-P

  2. That is incredible. Who would think that people could be so cheeky as to cover a hole in the wall with wallpaper. I can only imagine your shock.

  3. Your brother might want you to go chop wood also. Seriously, I admire your tackling such a job. Pictures???
    Oh dear, I just saw your set up. Hope this goes through.
    Not the first time--will try again.

  4. Take pity on Mike. Rest today. :-)


  5. but we he did it. The copy/paste didn't copy the mark through but that was my favorite part of you post.

  6. Painting is only done by our kids now. They do the best job and we're glad.

  7. When I ask my husband to do a job, he will do it most cheerfully if I tell him to let me know if he needs my help, and then to disappear from sight. For some reason, once I hand off a job I'm pretty useless to the worker.

  8. That's priceless! I've been through my share of renos. Next, new furnace. Not having fun...
    Cheers from S.E. Ontario Cottage Country!

  9. He totally wants you out of the way.


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