Monday, May 2, 2011


Spring cleaning.  A time honored tradition.  It used to consume an entire week--our annual spring break in April when I was teaching.  Now I do things differently, small jobs spread over the month of May.  I started Monday by washing the upstairs windows and then leaving them open to let in the fresh air. 

I know that New Year's Day is celebrated in the dead of winter, but spring is the season that really sings "fresh start, clean slate, things are getting better."  It is easy to look out through newly polished glass at newly budding trees and cheery yellow daffodils and just feel that the world is a better place because winter is over and spring is gracing us, at least for today.

Well, today, I think, the world really is a better place.  I don't celebrate war and killing, but I am not at all sorry that bin Laden is dead.  He was a murderer and a mad man who only defiled humanity by his actions.

It would be over reaching to say that we now have a fresh start, that things will only get better.  The man did not act alone and evil will continue to swirl and settle on the earth just as the dust will swirl and settle on my window panes.

Today, though...I breathe a little easier and believe that justice will least for today.


  1. Well said. I totally agree with you on all counts.

  2. Can't argue with you. We will just enjoy this day and try not to think of what tomorrow could bring.

  3. You are right on. I hope and pray we can divert anything that comes our way. Praying for our country.


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