Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, a day of rest...

I sat down at the computer last night to catch up a little bit, but the wind knocked out our service.  Things were really swirling around as the wind seemed to come from any and every direction, sometimes all at once.
So I did the only sensible thing.   I put on my pajamas and crawled into bed and slept for ten hours.  Yes, I had a very busy few days with Kristen and Dane with lots of out door walking and visits to the parks in spite of the chilly (freezing cold) weather.  We went to Oakledge Park one day and walked trails by the lake and visited the tree house and the swings.  We went to the Ethan Allen Park another day and climbed up to the tower two times and in between played on the swings and slides.  We took their Uncle Kevin out for lunch.

We also did a lot of drawing, reading of stories, running around in the back yard, and a certain amount of eating of pop corn, ice cream and chocolate.  We made a visit to the Lake Champlain Chocolate factory, and of course, we never miss a chance, while in the "city" to swing by the Church Street Marketplace and ride each and every escalator--several times.  Kristen, at nine, is heavily into perfecting her cartwheels and back flips and hand stands.  Dane, at four, is heavily into all things involving grandma attention.  He was a bit disappointed to learn we did not have some new attachment of the wii, but then was totally flabbergasted to learn that we did, in fact, not even own a wii.  He was able to adjust quickly enough, though.

Life has changed.  When I was a kid and it was a no-school day, the back door opened soon after breakfast was over and we were out to play, not to be seen again until lunch time.  When I went for a visit with my grandparents it was the same--go out and play.  I was also free to spend time with my grandmother if I wanted to help her dust or do laundry with her wringer washing machine and her old washboard.  My grandfather was a bit more child centered and would take me for a walk or make people and animal shapes with his pipe cleaners.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove them halfway home where Amy picked them up.  I'm guessing Sunday will not be a day of rest for her as she will have to get them retrained and ready to go back to school tomorrow.


  1. Ten hours' sleep sounds like a reasonable follow-up to your hyperactive few days!
    I wish you had not included the link to Lake Champlain Chocolate . . . I'll be spending far too long wandering around over there. The truffles!!!

  2. Wayyyyyyyyy too much do-do-do-stuff and electronics, is demanded by kids today. It's time to stop giving in to the demands, is what I feel.

    I am not a do-do-do-stuff with my Grands. "Pop" will do more, and is willing to take them out in his work shop and teach them.

    So I suppose our all-in-town Grands are short-changed. -grin- Even *worse,* 4 of them live right on the same street as we do. The 5th is now in college. And no other grandparents in town.


    'Nana' and 'Pop's' house is always open to them. To come over and relax, by themselves as it were. One household has 4 active kids in it, and sometimes, one of them neeeeeeeeeeeeeeds some peace and quiet and time out. :-) They know they can get it here.

    And no one will be 'on their case' to doooooooo anything. They are in charge of these "time-out" time.

    And personally, I thing THIS is the most wonderful gift we can give them, as Grandparents. A place to land. A place to rest and to be themselves and do anything or nothing, without prodding. Or interference.

    And of course, a place of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Except when rules are bloken, no sweetness-and-light from us then! Our rules are rules. Not many, but unbreakable. [Kids neeeeed rules!]

    Sorry for the long comment!!! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  3. My students can't believe I don't own a Wii either!

  4. Oh, yes, Olga - I can relate. I often sleep long and hard after the Grands leave, too. (Partly because I don't sleep well while they're with us, and I'm "on duty" to keep them from harm.) My older grandchildren (twins 8 and brother 6) can play, play, play outdoors like I did as a child. The littler ones need more supervision and attention. Tiring but well worth the effort, I think.

  5. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Sometimes, I think the grandkids think my house can be quite boring as they get older. They all still love the trampoline. We don't own a Wii either. I try to entice with board games, puzzles and art supplies. Usually that keeps them happy.

  6. I bet they slept 10 hours too. You're a good grandma. Hey! I love that Gilbran quote.


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