Saturday, March 19, 2011

Go, Red Sox

Lego rendition of Fenway Park, Boston

Our neighbor had an extra ticket for a game at the Red Sox spring training park in Ft. Myers--the Red Sox played the Detroit Tigers.

Of the 8,000+ people there, I was probably the only one who was not wearing a Boston or a Detroit hat or jersey or tee shirt.  I'm not a big time sports fan, which made me kind of an odd ball in my family when I was growing up.  I do enjoy watching games live, though.

It's been a long time since I attended a ball game--or sports event of any kind, for that matter.  It was a lot of fun.  I'd forgotten what a great people-watching opportunity these events can be and how you get caught up in the excitement.
The Red Sox were behind when we left the stadium (it just got way too hot) but that could have changed.  I don't know the final score.


  1. For the entire 20 years I was married to The Big Kat, I never missed attending the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. I never knew who won but boy did I enjoy watching the people.

  2. Those spring training games are such fun. They are much more intimate than the regular season games. I'm a fan so I really watch the game but I am glad you had fun people watching.
    Sorry but I have to yell--Go Marlins.

  3. You sound just like me I am not a big fan like most people but I do enjoy watching live. It just is more
    Thank you so much for joining my site it made me smile this morning when I saw that you were my new follower.
    Hope your having a great Sunday


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