Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Wave?

I urge everyone to read Ronnie Bennett's post for today.  You can find it here.
Egypt has started something.  The countries that have followed may not be so lucky as to bring about as peaceful a revolution, but revolution is definitely in the air.
Anyone who has read the grievances that the Egyptian people were expressing--unemployment, rising prices, an increasing divide between the wealthiest and the middle class, etc.--really must be struck by the similarities with the economic situation in our own country.
Honestly, does anyone have one of those cheese hats left over from football season?  I'd wear one now.


  1. I read her post and it stopped me in my tracks to think for a while. Interesting.

  2. It was one of Ronni's best. I see that it didn't work so well in Wisconsin but I believe some good will ultimately come from what happened there.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the world "is going to hell in a handbasket?" Normally, I don't get political but some of the facts being overlooked are: the involvement with the Koch Brothers and a line in the bill, that would allow the Govenor to sell Wisconsin utility companies to anyone he chooses to, no bids no questions asked. The Koch's are behind this. That scares me. The bargining factor of public workers would also be gone. That would mean a teacher with experience, who moved to another district would be hired as a fresh our of college teacher. There would be no compensation for their experience. I know some feel the democrats hiding out in IL, is wrong. But a lot of these line items would not have been disclosed, if the bill would have been passed. Its a mess, pray for our state that emotions don't get so carried away that someone gets hurt. OK, I'm off my orange crate!!

  4. I have not had time to read the post, but I certainly think this is the beginning of big changes that will affect us, even if we are not ready for an economic revolution quite yet.


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