Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am being totally frustrated with computers today.  It seems that everything I have tried to do has not worked out.  I tried to copy some files from our home computer to transfer to the laptop that we use in Florida.  No luck with that.  I tried to print from the laptop--that didn't work.  I wanted to download some music, but the sound is turned off again.  All these things can be fixed with a little fiddling and changing of settings, but I have to bother Mike to do that because I always forget how--and that's the most frustrating thing of all. I just want to sit down and do what ever it is I have planned to do. 
I have no patience for the quirky needs of machines.  For instance, we keep getting a message on the laptop that new Apple software is available for download.  We don't have an Apple computer.  Why do we get that message?   Also, if I  download music on the laptop, it tells me it is being saved in i-something, which we don't have on our computer.  Then it shows up somewhere else.  Do we need lying computers?  Isn't that what politicians are for?
And the car...the "low tire pressure" warning light keeps coming on and two tires will be down in pressure (at least the light comes on before the tires are flat), but I have taken the car to the dealership twice this month and they cannot find anything wrong with the tires.  Mike says I have to tell them to over inflate the tires and then test them.  I say, you deal with it, Mike.
I would go watch some television, but for some unknown reason we no longer have any of the on-demand channels.  I am quite sure that I will click through stations until the batteries in the remote give out and then I will turn off the TV.  That is my usual Sunday night routine.
I could read, but I need new glasses and that just makes me grumpy.  And there is no sense in trying to knit when I am in a mood.


  1. Oh, Olga, it's just awful to have days like this! SO very frustrating; just one thing after another. Surely tomorrow will be better!

  2. Are we a bit grumpy today? If you have i-Tunes on your computer you need to need with the message from Apple. It's actually a painless procedure.

    I have a new lap and will remain totally frustrated until I get everything transferred to it.

    Monday begins a new week in my world. Look forward to Mondays. You don't have to get up and go to work. I hate Sundays, they're long and boring.

  3. I feel your pain. I was on my way to the fabric store and my engine light went on. After an hour at Pep Boys I've learned that there is something wrong - no shit - but that I can drive the car without it blowing up. However, I will still have to deal with the problem at some point in the future. All I wanted to do on this Sunday was drive to the fabric store.

  4. Sounds like you need some Zen. Maybe a little meditation in a simple yoga pose?

  5. Nitrogen in your car tires will stop the fluctuation in pressure but it is expensive. Think if I had a warning light annoying me, I might consider it.
    Popular Mechanics has an article on it.
    Might solve one of your problems.
    Get a cup of Camomile and let hubby do his magic---with the computer.

  6. For me, the worst part about these sorts of technological difficulties is that I'm so insecure about my understanding anything technological, that I am always sure everything is my fault.

  7. Apple is the itunes that you download. No Apple computer needed as it works with PC. There's an itunes update. Cable on demand not available doesn't sound good. We only have antenna and get about 7 stations and they seem to be all we need. We have better HD than our friends who have cable. The forget part I get. It is big pain. I'm waiting for the stage when I can forget that I forgot! Then i wont feel so annoyed. Hope things improve for you.


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