Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Icky things...

THE very worstest thing about a warm day in the fall when you live in the country is the g*#!d*#! flies.  I could spend the whole day vacuuming them out of the windows.  And, of course, last week I washed windows--just in time for the g*#!d*#! flies to spot all over them. Ick!

I went for my annual physical yesterday.  As usual, my blood pressure was high the first take in the doctor's office, but this time it didn't go down with subsequent readings--averaged out at about 160/90.  Yikes! Now I have to go back and have it monitored again.  I think it was because I was somewhat dehydrated.  It is my opinion--unsubstantiated by any science--that all the ailments known to women stem from dehydration.  I drank lots of water last night and this morning my BP was 118/56. 
On Thursday, I'll get my fasting blood work done.  Last year my cholesterol had gone up quite a bit.  With the increased fruit and veg intake, reduced meat and butter intake, and a small weight loss, I hope for much better this time around.  I hate having blood drawn.

I also had the flu shot--first time in ten years.  The last time I had the shot I also had the flu and that kind of put me off the whole idea.    We'll see how it goes this time.  I hate shots.

Today's lesson for me was about humility, I'm guessing.  I think I do a good job keeping the kitchen swept, mopped, and tidy, but once in a while I just have to get done on hands and knees with a scrub brush.  That's when I notice just how much tomato sauce can splatter around, how much gunk collects on the side of the stove, and just how massive the dust balls holding stray Cheerios can grow while lurking under the fridge.  So I am resolving to not be judgemental about those people who have to go on shows like "Clean House."

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  1. It does feel like humiliation when we have to get on our knees to scrub. There's also the fact that as we grow older we don't see as well so we don't notice some of the crud hanging around under cabinets, stoves etc.

    When my father lived with us it was his job to sweep the den floor every morning. One morning Bob walked by and daddy was sweeping along a blue dryer strip. Bob reached down and picked it up, to which daddy said, "Now you've moved my marker." You can only imagine what he left behind in his sweeping.

  2. I think the &^%$$** flies are the reason for your high blood pressure.

  3. I do agree with Linda in that our eyesight really reduces our ability to see all the little stuff...this is both a good and bad thing. I do not mind my house getting messy every once in a while...but dirt drives me bananas.

  4. I too notice that the pride in my housekeeping abilities elevates as my eyesight deminishes. But then so does my pride in my appearance as I stand without glasses in front of the mirror.
    Outside of not being able to read the fine print, failing eyesight is a real ego booster.
    Just never invite 20-20 folks to your house.


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