Friday, October 1, 2010

A good day to stay inside...

Another calendar page flipped over.  September was acting like March--threatening to go out like a lion. 
I was watching TV last night and a weather advisory came on just before I was going to turn it off and get ready for bed.  Words like "severe thunderstorm." "blinding rain," and "tornado" were used.  We were warned a tornado was possible and should there be signs of one, we should go to a safe place like the basement.  Just what you want to hear before going to bed.  I'm not even sure what the signs of an impending tornado might be, but I wasn't thrilled about sleeping with one eye opened watching for them.  Nor was I thrilled with the thought of sleeping on the basement floor "just in case."
In the end there was no thunderstorm, no tornado.  It did get quite warm and there was lots of rain, although I wouldn't characterize as "blinding."  Still, there are reports of road closures because of flooding.  I have no
where I need to go today and the house is dry.  I'm thinking about baking some bread just for the aroma.
Maybe there is such a thing as breading baking scented candles, but I don't care for artificial smells.


  1. It's crazy here, too. It's thundered for about an hour, and I saw one flash of lightening, but no rain. I think it's all in our local mountains. But it's very unseasonable. Oh, and it' 90 degrees outside.

  2. The whole east coast in theory took a pounding. Wondered if it would make it to you. Tornadoes threats are so common here that the TV stations will call you personally to let you know when one is heading right for you, all for a grand amount of $6.00 a year. Such a deal.
    Smell of baking bread is the best. Smart move.

  3. I hate for bad weather to come in just as I'm going to bed. It ruins my whole night and my very important sleep schedule. I'm glad all is well.

  4. I spent my childhood being pulled out of bed as my folks were headed out the door to the community cellar to avoid a tornado. Once I was awake I had a good time but that took a few minutes. As an adult I've not continued that because I've never lived near one and Texas houses generally do not have basements. Tornadoes are scary critters and I certainly don't miss them now that I'm in Oregon.


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