Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dust Settles

Writing a thank-you.  So polite.
 I had a fun time with my grand children.  This morning I found a little post-it thank-you note on the bulletin board next to the kitchen telephone from Kristen.  I didn't realize that's what she was doing in the picture above.   What a sweetie.

Kristen showed me how to make this pumpkin.

We made a jack-o'lantern costume for Dane.
We did craft projects, went shopping and rode the escalators (many times); visited a farm to see the animals--pigs, chickens and goats; drew pictures and read stories; ate lots of spaghetti, cookies, and pop corn; and spent time at the playground to burn up the energy.
Things are very quiet today.


  1. You are such a good grandmother. The pumpkin is very clever and the pumpking costume is great. That's the stuff memories are made of.

  2. Hope they left you with a little energy. How sweet to leave you a post it note. She was raised right and you can take partial credit.

  3. I love the idea of riding escalators as family fun - free and relatively safe.


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