Monday, September 27, 2010

Dark Cloud Day

Today I am feeling a bit out of sorts for no good reason whatsoever--the kind of day where my mother would have accused me of getting up on the wrong side of the bed.  I can remember as a kid her telling me that  and I really was being so crabby that day that I could not even stand myself.  The logical solution to my seven year old brain was to get back into bed on the "wrong side" and get back up again on the "right side."  I seem to recall that it worked at the time, and I went downstairs and announced as much to my mother and my siblings who had been suffering from my temper.
I guess that tells me that I can just decide how I want to feel today.  Mike is off playing with his toys, so I'll wallow in my bad mood for a while longer and then I believe I will put on a more sociable face and go out to do some browsing at the fabric store.  Can't stay out of sorts and moody at the fabric store.
As explanation--I have been having a recurring dream in which I am back in college and I have to go to a math class, but I don't know which building it is in, or I get otherwise distracted and miss the class again and again.  Wouldn't you be a bit down after such nightmarish dreams?  Math class??


  1. Math makes me out of sorts in any situation.

  2. Olga, I have to admit it's good to know even you, sometimes, have a bad day. I hope you are feeling better soon. Stay away from those math dreams


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