Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I started out for my exercise walk yesterday.  It was cool and I had a brisk pace going when I realized that it was just too easy!  I had to run for some intervals to break a sweat and get the old heart rate up enough for some aerobic benefit.  I ran to a telephone pole, walked to the next, ran to the next, etc.--unless it was steep uphill or on the paved road.  Old-woman-running is a sight that the general public probably should be spared.  Hey, at least I don't wear spandex exercise clothing.  At one point I actually did and could get away with it, but I said, there are just things that the public should be spared from viewing.  Anyway, I probably ran a mile out of the 3.7 mile loop and did about the same this morning.  Believe me, I did get the heart rate up and a slow burn blazing in the buns.  I'm not sure where this burst of energy came from, but I hope it goes away because it is slightly annoying.

Maybe it is relief that our participation at the Developmental Review Board about the parking lot behind our house on Thursday night is over with--although the issue certainly has yet to be resolved, but that's another post.

Maybe it's the chia seeds.  They were on sale at the health food store where I went to get the cherry juice the other day so I decided to try them and have been sprinkling them in my breakfast yogurt.

My brother paid a visit yesterday to commiserate with Mike about the gout.  Mike surprised me by making a doctor's appointment.  He has a physical scheduled for October and I was sure he would wait until then.  I've been reading about gout online.  My brother told me about this, and then I saw a picture online.  The uric acid build-up that causes an attack crystallizes in affected joints--and it looks like lots of glass shards, so I can kind of relate, but the pain has to be excruciating.  Mike is able to put socks on, but now his ankle is bothering him from limping around  from the pain in his toe.

I took Mike out to dinner for his birthday last night.  For all the worry I've been doing about what to feed him, he ordered fried whole-belly clams and French fries (but no beer to wash it down).  It was his birthday celebration after all.  Actually, it is ironic that he gets this gout now after six months of watching his diet, losing weight, and increasing his exercise, just generally trying to get healthier.  Go figure.

Because I don't like my washing machine, I am sure it will last for twice its expected life span.  But I really liked my Singer Stylist sewing machine and that died.  Well, it can be fixed with after-market parts but it is probably not worth it.  Since Mike found this machine down the road with a big FREE sign on it, I've used it steadily for three years, and it is, after all, a fifty year old model, I really cannot complain.  I have an equally old White sewing machine that still works, but really does only the very basic of basics.  So now I am in the market for a new machine.  Smitty, the sewing machine maintenance and repair man I've dealt with for years, recommended a NECCHI 4825.  I really trust him to know quality, dependability, and the features I really want so I will give that a serious look.

For fun I made a birthday card for my sister's birthday--not as fancy as a Stampin' Up project, but it'll do.

I also made the bead necklace.  I had to make some copies for my DRB statement, and the copier place just happens to be right near the bead store.  I bought the glass pendant in Florida and just had it on a velvet necklace, but really didn't like it that way.  I do like this with the beads and will really wear it.


  1. Oh my God! The Necklace is gorgeous! Green is my favourite colour!

  2. Bob had a terrible time with gout for a while. We try to watch his diet to keep him from eating offending foods. Bacon is a bad one for Bob and tuna is an absolute 'no' for any person with gout.

    Good luck in your sewing machine hunt. I've still not purchased one. I never enjoyed sewing very much and so far have been unable to convince myself I'd use one enough to pay for what it costs to purchase it.

    Love the necklace. Very pretty. I've done a little bead work but very little. It gets expensive very quick.

    Hope Mike does all right until he can see the doctor. Have a good week-end.


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