Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party, Party

On Sunday I went with a friend to a "Stampin' Up!" party. Remember Tupperware parties?

This was more fun because we got to make two cards to take home instead of playing silly games.

Ginnie and I were the only two there who were not totally immersed in the world of all things Stampin' Up. I mean, we knew about stamps and paper punches and the joys of fancy papers; we are both kind of artsy-craftsy types. We just were not fully prepared for the consuming world of the dedicated stamper, complete with its unique vocabulary.

"Good-bye Chocolate Chip! I'm all about the Early Espresso now!"
(very similar browns)
"Hand me that clam shell, please." (glue)
"This embossing folder changed my life!!"
"Oh, goodie! We're doing a top note."

Like I said, it was fun to make the cards, but of course the intent of such parties is to sell things. There was no pressure here at all, but if we had to purchase everything we used to make those two cards each, it would go like this:

Die Cutting machine, 100.00
Cutting Pad, 20.00
Embossing folders, 16.00
Top Note Die, 22.00
Stamp Pads. 40.00
Punches. 55.00
Plus papers, assorted adhesives, coordinating ribbon, jewel embellishments, and small tools.
That's a lot of cards to make that pay. We'd have to open an Etsy store or something.

Incidentally, the friend who hosted the party has a craft space in the attic of her house that I covet to a sinful level. I wanted to take a picture to show Mike and tease him about starting a new project around the house, but my camera was not working.

So, as it turned out, there were actually two parties going on. While the demonstrator and crafters were doing their thing, there was a dog party going on. For this, I really wish my camera had been more cooperative. Ginnie has a new Jack Russell terrier, Ollie, that she brought along to socialize with other dogs. There were two toy poodles--host Donna's Mocha and another guest's whose name I've forgotten. Mocha wears a diaper because he never learned to not piddle on the floor. He was the dominant male, owning the house and all, who took a while to warm up to a puppy. The little black poodle had on a pink halter and a pink bow in her head. She circled around the puppy playing the protective mother role. And Ollie, being a very young puppy, was just adorable, learning to play well with others.
Somehow yesterday I bruised my thumb. There is a big purplish contusion on the thumb pad and it really hurts. I 'll be doing no kinds of crafting today, so i guess I'll leaf through the Stampin' Up catalog.


  1. Oh my, I did scrapbooking in a big way in Texas but just didn't have room for it once we became apartment dwellers. It is VERY EXPENSIVE to do those kinds of crafts.

  2. And it's a big business. Loved your rendition of the "party".

  3. I am not crafty and when such a party was presented to me, I grumpily went. I was surprised how much fun it was.
    Like you however, I backslid immediately when I left the home. Expensive hobby.


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