Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kristen had her ninth birthday today. It seems like not that long ago--certainly not nine years--that I was rushing to Rutland on a Saturday morning to be with my daughter after getting the call that she was on the way to the hospital. A mere thirty-three hours later (and nine days past the projected due date), Kristen made her appearance.

I went to visit on Tuesday and took her her presents. She didn't wait to open them. She wasn't all that surprised, but she was happy.

I also got to see her complete her test for her yellow belt in her karate class. I posted a copy of the video her grandfather took of the yellow belt exercise on Facebook.

Dane was disappointed that he did not get to come home with me. He wanted to "see Mike," go to the "museum," and stay at "a hotel." Well, I was disappointed, too. It's definitely getting to be time for some grandma days.
These pictures are from the last visit here. Of course, after a few grandma days, I take on pretty much the same posture, minus the teddy bear.


  1. How sweet. I know Kristen was thrilled with her doll and all the clothes you made. Isn't it fun being a grandma?

  2. I loved having a glimpse into the life of a grandmother when the kids are a bit older than my crew. I see I have lots of fun to look forward to.


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