Friday, May 21, 2010

Really Working

Mike and I have been slowly chipping away at the old, peeling stain finish on our back deck. It is a tedious and tiresome task. We bought some cheap stuff that was supposed to lift off the finish. It didn't. Today, we bought a can of stuff that cost two and a half times as much , but actually seems to have some effect. So between goopy chemical solvent, back-breaking scraping, and a pressure washer, we actually saw some progress tonight. Not so much progress that this little project won't take the whole of the weekend, though.
I think that we read the last time we did the deck that an opaque stain lasts longer. That didn't work out for us and now we are stuck with trying to get it all off so we can go back to the clear water seal coating. At least this has cured me of any grand plans to redecorate inside the house.
I so tired now that a soft chair with a firm pillow for my back, a cup of sleepytime tea, and mindless television look just like the perfect home to me.


  1. That doesn't sound like any fun at all. I do not miss property upkeep. That's part of why we are apartment dwellers.

  2. Ouch, that is some fitness program you have going. Have a similar project in mind and may just hire it done after hearing your tale.


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