Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Camping Trip Coming UP

It was an easy week of substituting. I have to say, though, that the whole "working" thing really cuts into the effortless routine of my retired life. Nice to have a change and then appreciate my real life all the more. It's getting up to an alarm clock buzzing that I just really, really do not want to do anymore!
Tomorrow, Mike and I are taking off for a camping trip. The record has been broken for high temperatures for this time of year so it will be very nice to sit in a quiet, shady spot near some cool water. I hope the bugs that are usually so problematic in June have not come out early just because it's been warm. If they have, we do have a screened "porch" on the tent and we always carry bug spray. Because we canoe into the camp site, we try to travel light. All the same, I will be packing a book, some magazines, and a knitting project--can't just sit and watch fish jump for three days.
If you click HERE, you can see views of the reservoir. We will not be having any of the fine accommodations pictured, but the water scenes are free to us lowly campers.


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to go camping. Hope you enjoy your week-end. Are you working every day or just some days each week?

  2. Have a wonderful get away! The lake and mountain scenery look awesome! That's the kind of vacation I love!!

  3. Have fun! In a few weeks we're taking our Girl Scouts to surf camp, which is a bit over programmed, I think. I like it when we just take them tent camping and can relax.


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