Friday, February 12, 2010

What a dark and gloomy day we have today. It's been pouring and we've needed the lights and the heat on most of the afternoon. We spent a lot of time reading. I even made a loaf of oat bread. It's not ready yet, but I am enjoying the aroma while I finished a cup of tea and my new favorite cookie--"digestive biscuits"(I know. Boring)--and now start a little computer time. Today would have been a good day to visit the aquarium in Sarasota, but we somehow just could not work up enough energy to make a dash out to the car. Instead I'm going to take a cruise to some of the recipe sites and plan a Valentine's Day meal for my sweetums.
This looks to be a major foody weekend around here so I do hope the weather is a bit nicer tomorrow. There is a Polish food sale on Saturday, a Jewish food festival on Sunday, and an Italian festival running all weekend. I could do some damage...better stock up on those digestive biscuits...find them on the tiny British shelf in the Cuisines of the World aisle at the Publix.


  1. My brother is RVing around LaBelle and has been a bit miffed about this year's Florida weather.
    I went to school in Sarasota, it is a lovely town. Lots of indoor things to do.
    Hang in, the sun will shine. Careful with all those festivals.

  2. when I lived in the UK I really LOVED digestives cookies!!! mmmmm


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