Friday, January 29, 2010

Pasta Night

I always learn something about cooking when we visit Mike's daughter. This year it was a stock base called "Better Than Bouillon," and it really is. I got a lobster base and used it with milk and flour to make a sauce for spaghetti and sea scallops. Added fresh green beans and crusty rolls--yummy. I try not to use too many processed foods because of the salt. This is so much easier to accomplish now that I am not dragging home form my job feeling tired and hungry. Now that I have the time to put into shopping and preparing food, it's a lot more fun. Still, a spoonful of that stock base really made a nice addition to the meal and I just did not add salt at the table.


  1. Having time on your side really takes the yuck out of cooking and turns it into a pleasure.


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