Thursday, November 5, 2009

Banned Foods

A post on Monday (11/2/09) brought up the issue of couples with opposing political views. I related to this. Mike and I have different views on politics, on what news network to watch, on religion, on what television shows/movies to watch, on the temperature of the house at night, on what time to go to bed or what time to get up in the morning, and so many other issues. All these differences are non rancorous. But then, there is the issue of food. As in so many other areas, he is so wrong here, but this is where he draws the line in the sand; this is where he will not budge an inch; this is where things can get ugly.

His mother was born in Sicily, but he will not eat tomato sauce. He will not touch "Italian" seasonings. He will eat most vegetables, but only raw, never cooked. He doesn't like garlic. He will not eat an onion in any form, under any circumstances (unless grated so finely that he doesn't know it's there, in which case he declares the dish "delicious" without fail--HA!) My mother was Ukrainian. Just guess how likely he is to try any of the ethnic dishes I grew up enjoying.

So sometimes, I fix myself a supper of spaghetti, or I buy prepared perogis or cabbage rolls.

On those nights Mike makes himself--can you believe this???--a sardine sandwich.

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