Sunday, July 12, 2009

Projects Update

I have started a double trousseau for the Bitty Baby dolls in California. This is a knitted ensemble modelled by a Madame Alexander doll. Are you old enough to recognize the White House era Caroline Kennedy?

And I couldn't make pajamas for the little man and not make a night shirt for the young lady.
I also tried my hand at making a pattern based on a nightgown that I bought for myself and really liked. It turned out to be way too small, so Kristen will have two night gowns now. We call this a "learning experience," but I really did figure out the mistake in my calculations--one of those "AHA" moments while brushing my teeth.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how people without good oral hygiene habits ever figure any thing out. It just seems that life sorts itself out while I'm brushing my teeth. Maybe that just me.

In the garden--break in the weather for a brief time yesterday and I got to do some much needed weeding--I notice small tomatoes and little tiny peppers. The green beans and cucumbers are flowering. I have frozen parsley in ice cubes to use in soups and stews in the fall.
I made chive oil and have thyme oil steeping. I am drying some lavender and using it fresh in iced tea and lemonade, which is very delicious. My new favorite thing, though, is herbed butter. I mix chopped parsley, thyme and basil with softened butter, then use it on vegetables and for grilling sandwiches. Very yummy. Mike does NOT like little bits of green things on his food though. I mentioned being anxious to try it on fresh sweet corn and he was horrified at the thought of adulterating corn in that way. I'm certain it will be heavenly.

I am planning to dry sage and make a wreath for the door. I also steep sage, lavender and thyme in white vinegar to make a "green" cleaner for kitchen and bath. you have to keep the lavender in for some time to overcome the vinegar small, but the end product is worth it.

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