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My Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving here in my house was very quiet. It was a beautiful day and Levi and I had a great long walk. I made myself a bowl of popcorn and watched an old movie -- Death of a Salesman with Dustin Hoffman and a young looking John Malkovich.

I had made the traditional dinner ten days before because it's one of Don's favorites. He has been having a great deal of pain and had an infected tooth. His teeth have been a source of misery for him for a long time and he has been focused on getting implants. The Thursday before Thanksgiving he started the process and had all his teeth pulled. Now he wishes he hadn't done it and wants everyone to know to take care of the teeth they have right from the beginning. I rarely follow his way of thinking! He seems to have some kind of sequencing problem to my way of thinking. Anyway our TD dinner was mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

I did attend a very beautiful, peace-oriented, and hope-filled Thanksgiving service that was the work of an interfaith group here in Venice. There was representation from a number of Protestant churches, UU, Buddhists, Hindus, the Jewish community and Zoroastrians -- homilies, music and refreshments. And the message from each was the same. Say loudly that we want peace and kindness and act accordingly.


  1. So sorry about his teeth! That is difficult to bear.

  2. Yikes! Poor Don, I do hope his mouth heals quickly and he's able to move onto the next part of the procedure.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving. The service sounds lovely.

  3. All of his teeth?! The implant process will be long and costly.
    I will have a badly broken tooth extracted in January and begin the implant process for that ONE tooth. It might not be the last. My teeth are breaking up fast now.
    My regards to Don.

  4. I hope he feels better soon and the dentist people can give him back his smile.

  5. Wow, how lucky to attend such a powerful service.!

  6. Ouch on his teeth! Poor Don... I love the idea of an interfaith service. That would be perfect for me. We're having our belated Thanksgiving this coming Saturday.

  7. By the way, your picture reminds me of the Peace Lily we had at our house in Illinois. I loved that plant.

  8. Next year at this time there may be a pair of dentures in a cup on the bathroom sink. But no more pain.


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