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Phase Two

 We took care of everything we could at our new house in Florida and decided to head back to Vermont where I plan to sell my condo. There are a couple of projects to take care of and then there is the sorting through all our combined stuff and deciding what to get rid of and what to take to Florida. I am distressed at the amount of craft paraphernalia I have collected. Don makes fun of me -- the man who has not one, not two, but THREE 20'x40' storage units packed full. Furniture (now we have three households of it), tools and toys (big boy toys).

Don did a lot around the place in FL that we sold and he did a lot of handyman jobs for neighbors after the hurricane damage, but he was constantly complaining about having the tools he needed and other materials, all in storage up north.

It's a beautiful time of year in Vermont -- so lush green (it is the Green Mountain State for a reason). My lilacs are fading, but the iris are about to bloom. It's cool and Levi is finding he likes being outdoors in this kind of weather. He did quite well as a traveler although we were all exhausted after three days on the road.

We found we didn't have to stop more than we would have without a dog since we need bathroom and stretch breaks as much as he does. However, the trip was long and slow as we ran into so much traffic and construction and accidents that always means slowdowns. The first day was easy, but we didn't even average 50 miles per hour for the next two days. 

I will be happy to get together with friends and family, but at the same time I do miss that new house!


  1. Since we have lived in the same house since January 1979, I have always said that, in order to move, we would have to buy another house, move what fits into the new house and then get a dumpster!!! You have quite a job, but won't it be nice when it is over.

  2. You have a big job ahead of you, but you have time and help and a new home awaiting you. Don't lose the excitement in all the work.

  3. Goodness, you are certainly in for a lot of work in Vermont. Will Don let go of some of the storage items? Or will it all move to Florida into storage there? Good luck!

  4. Hope you like Trumpster and DeSantimonious over there in Florida. LOL.


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