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Water Woes

 I heard water running one day in early January when I walked past the water meter in the side yard. That was unusual but I kind of forgot about almost immediately.  However, the next day I got a letter from the water department letting me know that they had noticed a dramatic increase in my water usage.

Don opened up the cover and saw that there was a leak. I called the water department and the woman who answered said, "Well call a plumber and get it fixed." So I said, "Here you talk to the plumber who lives here." Don thought it was not something he would be able to get a part for since the leak was in part of the meter itself. A guy came to check it and said that Don was right, the leak was the county water district responsibility to fox and he would put a work order in. Almost three weeks went by and we did not anything. 

Guess what -- the leak did not fix itself. In fact it got worse. When we had a small geyser in the yard and a stream of wasted water was steaming down the street, I called again. A little more frantic this time. It took a few more days and at least three different crews coming to look at it, but it was finally fixed and the nextdoor neighbor's was pre-emptively replaced as well.

It was so nice to be able to turn on a faucet and get water. Gratitude . . .

until the $450 water bill arrived.  The water department did send me a form to submit to have that readjusted.


  1. My God, that is a huge bill. David would be freaking out over it. Me too. Hope they don't charge you for such slow service.

  2. Good heavens, it's good they called you to say the water useage was higher than normal, but to leave it for weeks without fixing the problem is ridiculous. Good with the adjustment.

  3. They’re very good at giving you the run around Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for the rebate

  4. As I was reading ai was waiting for that water bill. Yep. You got charged. Hopefully the adjustment will take into account the fact that the water dept delayed so long in fixing it.

  5. I would have a heart attack opening that bill! I'm glad the problem was on their end so that you are not responsible for it!

  6. What a sad tale. I hope it works out for you.

  7. We have exactly that problem now. Can hardly wait to call the water district tomorrow!


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